A question on hydroponics (kinda)

Hey all.

So I had this idea. Now keep in mind this is coming from someone who has 0 idea about hydroponics and almost no idea about growing. Just want to get what you guys think.

So you know how rabbits are supposed to have great poop for plants? OK so what if you keep rabbits and let them poop into a worm bed, then take the solid material that is left over and soak it to get the nutes out. Then took that liquid and used it for the Kratky method of hydroponics.

Like is this something that could be done?
Should it be?
Is it worth it?

I realize there is a certain measure of uncertainty here as you would be unable to tell just how much of what nutrient would be in your solution. And since cannabis requires certain nutes and certain stages … well you see the issue.

So is there any way to tell how much nutes would be in the liquid? A TDS meter maybe? Is this just a bad idea all around? I am trying to do the whole sustainability thing is why I am even thinking about this.

All input is welcome!


I have no experience in hydro


I think if you’re after sustainability living soil is the way to go…


I don’t grow with hydro either , but my understanding is that organic and hydro don’t play nice together.
Let me tag @peachfuzz He’s one of our local hydro guru’s. :wink::+1:

Good luck.


I’ve never tried it , but I think it would be a very bad idea…
But than again I don’t know everything either…
If you give it a try , let us know how it goes…
Just be prepared for things to go south… :+1::wink:


I think you’d wind up with a big mess on your hands to clean up. The mix would grow too much bacteria & mold & what not .


not sure what mix you are refering to…

The one you plan on creating (1st post)

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its nice to see others strugling with the whole reply thing too… :sweat_smile:

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Look up ‘Aquaponics’. This would be the closest analog to what you are proposing. Like the 'Fuzz said: likely a very bad idea.

Instead of hydro you used as a top-dressing in soil, or a compost tea in soilless, but will experience deficiencies at some point IMO.

There are enough folks experimenting with different techniques that I would think, if it worked, it would be all over YouTube lol.


I’m no guru by far and I’m a newbie myself and I agree with others. I think that you can go down this rabbit hole and it does have the ability to be successful but at what cost. Time ROI and sustainability are factors to consider. There is a soil NPK test that you can use to determine how much of those nutes are present in a sample but it’s so many variables outside of those nutes present and constantly changing in animals poop. Even if feeding the same diet to an animal the way their bodies absorb nutrients change with age stress and metabolism. You could mix together a batch and get an average using the test I guess but bacteria and other byproducts in feces that you didn’t test for could cause problems.
Long story short alotta unknowns but if you have the time and resources and want to run a few test please share your results I am here for it.


To me, seems like complicating a simple method. Why don’t you just compost the material and apply it to soil grow as compost tea?


I do a lot of research when I am trying to do something that really interests me (in this case, being a really really good grower). While doing that research I looked up the pros and cons of hydro vs soil. I kept seeing people say that the extra trouble that one had to deal with to do any kind of hydroponics was worth it because the buds were so much bigger and potent. And that they grow faster as well.

Can anyone confirm if that is the case or not? If not, yeah I would totally skip hydro and do composted rabbit poop straight into soil. People say it is teh hotness.

Also, any other ideas are welcome.

Thank you all for your patience with these questions and for any and all advice.

The advantage of hydroponics is speed and total control. Plants will certainly grow faster in a well tuned hydroponic system when compared to a traditional organic soil grow. Bud size and potency i don’t think makes that big of a difference if all else is equal. Being able to add/subtract nutrients may make it easier for hydro user, but a good soil grower knows how to plan their soil building, teas, and any other treatments to get same results.

I think argument could be made either way, would depend on which was done better.


And frankly there are a bunch of steps needed before realizing any benefit from growing in a hydroponic environment. Lights being the first thing. I would never suggest a new grower start with hydro; better to get a few grows under your belt and solve those challenges before attempting a ‘technical’ grow.

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In terms of sustainability, is it really a question?

Rabbit pooh is AWESOME for cannabis BUT as far as I know only in soil or in a composting situation. You can throw rabbit turds into live soil and it will be like a banquet for the microbes
in turn suckling you plants roots like a teet. BUT Only in soil or an organic live medium.


Man I love this forum. Was going to ask a question but found answer already through due diligence. Hydro vs soil. Was going to inquire about difference in labor. Dirt fer me still it is. Did enough calculating before retirement.