Soil Watering with an IV Bag

Howdy Farmers

I built a box to grow outside year round and ran into some challenges with my design. In coming up with a solution to my watering issues I found a product called ‘Smart Bottle’. Basically an IV bag that comes in 1, 2.3 & 5.6 gallon sizes.

I added a few parts and came up with a gravity feed watering system that makes watering very easy. I can control the flow with the valve and water precisely where needed. The bags below are the 1 gallon size.

Thought maybe this could help others with similar challenges.


I use sub-irrigated planters in the garden for flowers and herbs. I thought I would try a smaller version on some cannabis


I like this idea. Just a 2"pvc? Holes all thru? How does the water get all around with just a single pipe? Would it not moisten its surrounding area and drain thru?

This is one of the bottom’s of the inside bucket. I used a length of perforated drain pipe to set the depth of the bucket. The holes is the bottom of the yogurt container lets water into the wicking chamber. The small holes are for drainage and air. The large one is for the 1" pvc water tube.

This unnecessary. I put hydroton balls in the bottom of the container.

I used a piece of landscape fabric to keep the soil from falling through holes and filling the water reservoir area.
You pack the medium into the container which sits in the water. It literally wicks the water up into the medium. I used a high porosity peat mix in these. They are ready to receive the transplants

Here is another variation. This one is a 4 gallon nursery pot inside a 5 gallon bucket. I lined the nursery pot with landscape fabric so it would act as a wick. I did it this way rather than using a separate container.

I transplanted into it on 4/8 and did my LST

Here she is three weeks later on day 72 . She is happy. I have her under low watt veg lights. I am trying to keep her small until I have space to grow her out. She is in coco. All are being fed Jack’s.
Just having fun trying some new ways



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Hi there my name is tashia and I’m just wondering if u can help me with something please how do u know if u have a male or a female seed as I really don’t have a bloody clue about weed seeds so I don’t know what is a female or a male seed so please can u help me out with this issue please I hope u can help me it would so helpful and I would be so grateful if u could help me with this issue please thank u my regards tashia

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The only way I know of is buying feminized seeds from a reputable seed dealer and then it’s still possible (not very) that it will be male. you can also cause a female to turn into a hermy

Okay and where can I get faminized from as I live in the UK and we have a shop called up in smokes and I think they sell weed seeds so I’ll have to ask them then thank u and I thought u grow weed and if u do then how comes u done know what is what seed

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they look alike and if you grow what they call regulars (non feminized) you will get a 50/50 chance of males and females. There is a process using C.S. that they spray on the female plant to change it to male then the pollen off of that plant is used to pollinate a female those seeds off that plant will be what they call feminized which will grow female plants almost all of the time. If you are able to purchase seeds from here (I.L.G.M.) they will replace seeds that don’t. Here is a thread that is about this subject.