What's the truth about C/S?

We have all read the many post about not consuming any plants that have had contact with C/S.
While researching how to get rid of powdery milder I found this in my search.

Colloidal silver has long been used as a defense against algae in swimming pools and hydroponic systems. It serves to guard against plant attacking pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Pathogens are literally suffocated to death by the tiny metal ions attaching to their respiratory systems. It is a completely safe control, as humans, plants and animals will not be harmed. It can be used in the [germination process], as a soil soak or foliar application. In fact, colloidal silver has been known to strengthen many food bearing plants, including their immune systems. Marijuana plants will not be harmed in the least, as there is no such thing as overdose with colloidal silver.

This was found on this site which oddly enough has many post in the forums about not consuming plants that have had contact with C/S.
So does anyone really know or is it just a case of heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend?

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Unfortunately the Mayo clinic the FDA and other medical outfits are bound by law to follow strict guidelines.
In fact these organizations also told us that Cannabis was bad for us in past years.
If you look up the FDA you will find they were the * Food, Drug, and Insecticide Administration (July 1927 to July 1930). they were also * Division of Chemistry, USDA (established 1862) and Bureau of Chemistry, [USDA] (July 1901 through July 1927).
I’m not disagreeing with your reply but natural remedies in nature can not be prescribed which is why a lot of vitamins and minerals are not FDA regulated therefore they can not make money from these things so while their opinion is well respected it is bias.
To further this look how aspirin, Tylenol, Advil and many opiates have very bad effects on the body but the FDA will still recommend these pain killers over Cannabis.
There is also documented proof that bandages for burns are impregnated with silver because it kills bacteria.
You may find this contradicts the Mayo clinichttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4955599/
I do appreciate your reply and if it seems I am disagreeing with you, I am not.
I just want to look at the for and against.
I also wonder why this site has info on using C/S for powdery mildew and other plant illnesses and states humans, plants and animals will not be harmed.


Show me a study about pyrolysis of cannabis treated for months with colloidal silver.

Personally, I advise against ingestion of hormone-blocker treated cannabis because so many other sex-reversing agents are known carcinogens, and I don’t want people ingesting those.


I agree, but what if it’s not treated for months but a couple of topical treatments to rid the plant of an infection.
It also goes back tohttps://www.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/bacterial-and-fungal-controls/
It says “It is a completely safe control, as humans, plants and animals will not be harmed.”
It does not say do not smoke the cannabis after.

You’d need a pyrolysis study to even begin to determine safety.

The fact is that, like tobacco, the assumption is that because you’re smoking cannabis you’ve accepted a degree of risk.

Edit: additionally, I don’t put any stock in the info from the corporate hosts, although I do appreciate that they provide us with a very nice forum.


You make a valid point that a study would be in order.
Because there is no study to be found, that does make the statement
“It is a completely safe control, as humans, plants and animals will not be harmed.”
I, myself have always destroyed any plants treated with C/S or STS because the purpose was to make more seeds.
With more seeds, meant no need to worry about that plant as many more will follow.
It just came out of context as this was for treating sickness in plants and not making seeds.
I still have a thought in my head that treating a plant sickness with C/S could also risk reversing the plant.
I appreciate you views on this matter.

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Aren’t the fem seeds treated with C.S.?

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Seed aren’t treated. The parent plant(s) are treated. And even when a plant is self-pollinated, most breeders will treat a clone with reversing chemicals instead of treating a branch on the mother.

Most feminized seeds will be described something like ZombieGutz x Stolen Platinum, where ZombieGutz is the normal mother plant, and Stolen Platinum is an XX female plant that has been treated to make pollen.

There’s very little material from the pollen donor that actually enters the female plant, and the sperm cell shouldn’t be conveying colloidal silver along with DNA (and possibly RNA apparently).


The female plant is treated with C/S which blocks the ethylene not allowing the plant to flower.
In turn the female will go in to a natural state of panic and produce pollen sacs to keep the species going.
Because she has no male genes any female plant pollinated with this pollen will put out feminized seeds.
In short the silver does not make feminized seeds but it creates the right circumstances for the process to begin.
Hope that helps.


When you say “The female plant is treated with C/S” do you mean sprayed or fed, er what?

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Sprayed on the bud sites.
you never want to get this in the soil because like the start of this threat says, it will kill bacteria.
Some of the bacteria in soil is beneficial to the root system of the plants.
Just like if you have a septic bed you should never pour C/S down the drain or you will be pumping it out flushing it and reintroducing the beneficial bacteria to your bed.
This is what I have read which also makes me wonder why it says that it is used in hydroponic systems. and it says " It serves to guard against plant attacking pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi."
I am not sure if hydroponics utilizes bacteria the way soil growing does as the nutrients are readily available to the roots.

But want that make your female plants grow pollen sacs

I’m doing hydro & botanicals makes Hydroguard which is a benifical bacteria I believe. This is interesting as all that I’ve seen is that C/S makes fem seeds & no explanation.

it can be confusing.
C/S does not make feminized seeds it blocks the ethylene and prevents the plant from flowering. STS works in the same manner by blocking ethylene.
ethylene is a hormone that plants use to flower and ripen fruits.
Apples let off a lot of ethylene as they ripen.
take an apple put it in a brown paper bag with a banana.
take a banana and put it in a brown paper bag alone.
check the bags a few days later and you will find the banana with the apple is very ripe (probably brown) because of the ethylene coming off the apple.
So silver blocks ethylene! stopping the plant from flowering this causes the plant to panic and make pollen sacs but because the plant is female she can only make XX pollen because they are made of XX chromosomes (female) male flowers make XY pollen because the male plant is made of XY chromosomes.
So a female flower pollinated with and reversed female pollen will give you a cross of XX pollen with XX pollen resulting in female seed.
male has X and Y chromosomes so you have about a 50% chance of getting X or Y in the mix.
XY being male and XX being female.
Then there is Gibberellic acid this is a plant hormone And I’m not really sure how it works but I hear it does weird things to the plant and it grows and stretches in a strange manner. What I think happens is it may stress the plant in to thinking it it near its end of life and if it has not been pollinated it will create male flowers to self pollinate like rodelization.
the reason I think this is Gibberellic acid affects decomposition of plants.
But I could be way off on this theory.
Finally rodelization! If a lonely female Cannabis were out in a field all by herself grew and then flowered as she starts to die without being pollinated she will panic and make flowers to try and make seeds to keep her species going. (After all her main goal in life is to grow reproduce and make seeds to carry on the species not to get humans high. LOL )
So as you can see the plant always had the ability to self pollinate, we (humans) just figured out a way to force these natural occurrences for our benefit.
So as you see C/S, STS, Gibberellic acid and rodelization does not make feminized seeds female pollen does and about 50% of male pollen will make female seeds as well.
We just use these methods to force a female to create pollen sacs.
As you can see the female plant already had the ability to do this.
If it was C/S and STS working magic then women sprayed with either would grow balls and self impregnate and have only female children. LOL
I hope this help you understand the process! :thinking:

Thanks you put in a persective I could understand. This is going to be spread to my circle of friends that grow (we’re all newbies)

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We were all newbies at one time.
the more grows you get under your belt the better you will get.
You will also hone in your own skills. Just remember what works for others may not work for you.
I have an uncle that can not sprout seeds in paper towel! I don’t know why but he just can’t do it.
that sounds odd to me because I do it for all my grows. but when it comes to clones it’s like he is magic!