Bags or buckets?

I have 5 gallon buckets with perforated bottoms and moss matt covering the drain holes for my ladies to grow in, but I’m seeing a lot of growers using smart bags to grow in.
Should I go to the “Bag Side” or stick with my buckets? :nerd_face:

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I use good ole fashion buckets. I’m thinking of giving the soft pots a shot though.
If you do use buckets I would recommend putting a lot of holes in the bottoms in addition to some up the sides. I think @bob31 had a post a while back that showed the best way to add the holes in the side. It helps the roots from wrapping around themselves.
If I find the post I’ll link you over to it.

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Each of my buckets has 200 1/8" holes with moss Matt covering all the holes. The moss Matt keeps the soil in but allows water out and air in.

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And I do the smart pots 5 gallon plus you will have success either way you go the smart pot Will allow your roots to breathe better but I think you’re good either way do a side-by-side comparison to see what you think


Sometimes the smart pots are easier to handle than the buckets, but then again there are times when a bucket is king.


I think they are both good. The problem with the buckets is that some of the guys don’t put enough holes in them. How about a pic @hillbilly103 of what you have.

I use yogurt cups for sprouting to veg and them 3 or 5 gallon bags depending on the situation. I’m very satisfied with the bags. You could buy a couple and try them side by side as a grow experiment.

I’d sure follow along to see how they did!

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Both are legitimate ways of growing.

I personally switched to fabric pots the last grow and I love them. The root ball was unreal in the bag.
That was a three gallon bag. The root ball was hard as a rock ! That’s some healthy roots.

I have had good grows with the hard pots also. To each their own !

Good Luck Jerry

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The buckets I have now are full of soil but I will be making 4 more next week and I’ll photo log the whole process and post it.
I’m also photo logging the build of my new LED flowering room to go along with my soon to be started grow log.

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excellent, please tag me when you do! @hillbilly103

outta like for now! :v::palm_tree::v::grinning: