Soil question for indoor growing

I just purchased maui waui autos, and I bought ph balanced happy frog soil. Is this soil good to grow my plants in?

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Yes it is.
Many of us use it. Watch plants after a month or so as they will tell you when to start feeding.
Frog is good as is for several weeks but not enough nutrition for the whole grow.
Keep using this thread to post progress. Many here will help out.
Welcome to the best forum there is. Lots of good people here.


@Spiney_norman has you covered, welcome to the ILGM forum and happy growing.

It looks like you joined at about the same time I did, Jan of last year.


Welcome to the forum! I agree that you’re in good shape with happy frog. Did you get Maui auto from ilgm? I hadn’t seen that one yet.

I love fox farms soil. I use a mix of happy frog and ocean forest in my final 7 gal pots. The bottom half is ocean forest, the top half is a mixture of perlite and happy frog.