So it looks like the girls are growing up .......I think

As a first time grower with 3 weeks of experience, but having read up for 6 months at least observing the activities and conversations of circumstances both good and bad ,I gleaned what I could.

That being said I want to thank you all for making it possible to go from 0 to 60 (well maybe 16…) in short order.
So now I call on you once again(and again and again…).
I present to you photos of what I believe to be female reproductive organs on wee little 18 day old WW Autos .
There isn’t a plant 2" tall in the lot and we’re generating the 4th real leaf so thats where its at.
They’re consuming anywhere between 20-35 ml depending on humidity levels etc.
So #1 : Are these photos of females?
And finally
#2 : What stage would this be,I understand veg but is this preflower,and i really haven’t fed much,lil fish poop,seedling boost and one shot of bergmans blastomatic growth fert.

I’ve also managed to carefully log plant ht,wt,rl length,consumption.(pot/plant being watered to a specific weight range.

That may seem excessive but I’m trying to ascertain what normal looks like as the lack of experience provides no benchmark…


It’s too early to determine the sex of the plant. Cannabis generally becomes sexually mature at some point between 4 and 6 weeks.


What you are seeing is the branches starting to grow from each node. First sign of sex will be hairs (pistils) if female anyway males will have balls that look similar to tiny watermelons. It’s looking happy though, good luck :+1:


Those will be branches.


yup those will be branches but with that being said the title of your post still holds true, they are growing up and on their way to happiness

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oh wow,i am so glad ,i thought I had to start looking for training bras…its too early…

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I have about 10 grows under my belt and I still inspect my plants and take photographs every morning. For my first several grows, like you, I logged height and a bunch of other stuff each morning. I learned a great deal by tracking things closely.

You are on the right track.


I’ve been documenting Par and nutrient/h2O intake monitored by wt.
If they grow 5% up goes the hydration 5%.They seem to be rather happy for now but agent 2-11 (10 days younger) has had a rough go,but seems to be rebounding and growth seems to be accelerating after a slight pullback.

Question: I get it from a fairly reliable source(my all knowing child of 22 years) that I should snip off the yellowing and wilting cotyledons but I believe I have read that you should allow the plant to shed them naturally. What’s the skinny?

Question: Transplant when?

Question: I’m in soil with White Widow Autos and I’m socking it to them 24/7 @ 325-350 PAR and they’re responding positively but am I setting them up for a tough go of it during transplant time or am I over thinking this and should just know that as long as they’re all puffed up straight up and straight out like they’re receiving a medal at the fleebean olympics that it is as strong and resilient as they can be.

They’re getting root guardian / Bergmans grow nute / Fish Poop Stew and of course H2O.

Question: In your experience what has been your plants daily intake of H2O for a plant of this approximate size and stage?

Question: Is anyone aware of a dedicated Auto flower / soil feeding schedule and or growth/stage calendar?(I understand those things are just a generality and knowledge and observation are the real time keepers) But it would help me keep my guard up…not sure how much more UP it can go but everything I can expose myself to is potentially saving me from time consuming completely avoidable failures.

Thanks again to all that kindly respond.

OK ty I thought the white hairs may have come out of these but after reading the very useful replies I see it properly now.TY all

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