First Grow, starting to show sex, I think

This is my first post, been waiting until there are signs of sex. Any help would be a huge help

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Too soon to tell from pic,… @Tech1… Need more time or better photo

way too early. i dont like the way they are pointing tho. crossed seems to be the golden ticket, but i am new

How many weeks from seedling? I’ve waited patiently on mine to show and it took mine until the beginning of the 7th week. I can post a pic of mine if you’d like. Those things are small.

When I have seen those 2 tendrils (or whatever) that form an X, I think of a football referee giving a signal for “no balls” :wink:

Still too early to tell, but no bad news yet.

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Thank you so much for all the feedback, they are 8 weeks. Main reason for concern was because of the small, ball like, growth.

Are you growing indoors or out If they are 8 weeks old you can switch to 12/12 and you’ll know in a week definitely what sex it is
Can you get a total plant pic for me so I can see her
At 8 weeks you should definitely be mature enough to flower her
How tall is it btw ?

Aprox. 18" but very wide, have been on 18/6 from the start. Waiting on my Lights (LED), should be here today. I will get them all set on Saturday and will then go to 12/12. I was thinking it was about time to flower so thanks for the advise. I will get some pics tonight after work.

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Sounds good tag me when you do 18 inches is a good spot to flower shell get bigger once she St reaches or they streach

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In the last picture, I see pistils. So she’s a girl!

It would’ve been much easier to tell with a close up of the branching sites! :sunny:

I don’t like that little ball, but let it go a little bit more to be safe.

What are you looking at @arpeggio just Curious ?

Here is a little better shot @arpeggio



@Countryboyjvd1971 I blew up all the pics and couldn’t see anything other than the ball in the very first pic up top. Witch scares me . Other then that I think it’s Beautiful Plant , love the bright green leafs @Tech1 , good luck

I could see how people would miss it. Top left branching site in the last picture.

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Of course now there are pistils everywhere! :smile: