Can anyone help me sex my plants im having hard time i think they are both female but so not sure

To early to tell yet. Looks like a healthy plant though.


Ok thank you i really appreciate it

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That top picture might have something that looks like female pistils but to hard to say. Someone here has a picture of female versus Male for future reference I’m sure they’ll post it when they get online.

Edit I zoomed in not pistils so to early to tell

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Ok cool thanks again…do you know how many weeks from now i will be able to tell if its female

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Most plants need at least a month to be mature enough but otherwise once you switch to 12/12 light schedule I think it’s roughly 2 weeks. Are they supposed to be female seeds?

Ok nice thank you so much youve been a big help!!!

No i got these seeds free from weed i would pick up at random dispensaries. I didnt order them…

Ah well there’s a good chance they’ll be females then. Fingers crossed you’ll get lucky.

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Really awsome…my fingers are definitely crossed…thanks again

Have a good night

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I will say the way I tell is if there are 2hooks were the sex show then it’s a male there is a foto on my grow journal have a look