Is this female plant?

I have this plant that sprouted October 8, and switched to 12/12 on December the 8th… I’ve been patiently waiting for it to show its sex… are these pistils or just another plant part?

Had a close up look. Just part of plant. More patience buddy :wink:

damn that sucks… the 22nd will be exactly two weeks into 12/12…hopefully she will be a female… I’ve read it takes longer for a females sex to show… so I might get lucky again

How long did you veg? they do have a mature age before they trigger easily into flower I have a lady who’s 10 days into flower just starting to show signs she’s triggered into flower. I find with a longer veg they go into flower far easier but yes 2-3 weeks is not too unusual

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I vegged the plant from sprout for about 8 weeks 4 days… I was trying to let it catch up with my other plant that sprouted a week earlier… next time I’ll try vegging for a shorter period, at the time I didn’t know better… I’m still till learning as I go

I think its a female. See the two pistols 2 nodes down from your finger. Give it some more time I dont see any male indicators

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Those are actually stipules…

I don’t see signs of sex yet. Just give it more time @Edward7983. Different strains grow at different rates.

You’re also making a common mistake that I’m also trying to get a handle on…life stage count.

It’s considered seedling stage until you have the 5 segment leaves. The you can start counting your veg time. Once you switch to 12/12 you have 2 or 3 weeks of preflower before you are actually in the flowering stage.

I think I read it even gets more complicated than that with a couple other transitional stages. As I said, I’m still trying to get life stages to click in my brain, which is usually pretty fogged :wink:.

Patience leads to your harvest…


thanks for the replies… I’ll try to be patient… There’s no way around it, when the plant is ready to show me its sex, I’ll be watching every day


Had the same problem with my first grow plant looked great and all the makings of a female but bam pollen sacs over night but lucky 1 girl amongst the 4 I had.


it must suck investing all the TLC to yur plant, and then bam comes a male… I know I’m gonna be heart broken if it turns out to be a male… ohh well it’s just bag seed, but still

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Positive vibes your way mate hope shes a female.Yhea this 1 in the photo ended in being the male from a mixed bag of seeds .


I’m screwed… so I got a male… what do I do, just throw it away?.. he was right next to my female… at this early in its stage. there’s no way it could have pollinated my female plant, right?

It doesn’t look like any of the flower pods have opened. You could cut the pods, place in a sealed bag and then into a sealed glass jar to be safe.

My brother in law seems to think the pollen would still be viable in case you decide to attempt breeding later.

Personally, I would pull him and toss his stupid a$$ in a fire!!!:imp:

Glad you caught it before anything opened. Almost spoiled your crop!

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thanks Florida, I’ll just butcher him into a trash can

I would still seal the plant somehow unless you are immediately removing the can. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but I don’t trust they wouldn’t open in a last ditch effort to propagate.


I already removed it and found a buddy that said he wants it… so that’s good for me I guess

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Get 20 seeds back from him sprout them all and you will probably end up with 2 or 3 females from it

I’ll let my friend. grow it out and I’ll ask him for seeds… too bad I was really hoping it would be a female, even though it was bag seed, it was pretty good regular stuff

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I’ve always grown from bag seed. Anytime I came across something with a good taste or buzz, I would put back the seeds knowing I could get a better product.

This past year, I found a couple seeds in some known strains. Berry White and The Flav. What I didn’t know was they were autos. I learned about them the hard way.

This will be my first time growing something that I know all I need to know. I’m psyched!!

From some regular bag or the good stuff, you can always make it better. My opinion anyway.

Good luck with the rest…

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