Slight browning

Plants are 2 weeks old, this morning I noticed a little bit of brown on the edge of a couple leaves.
Wasnt sure if the could have been from the light being 2 close. The 1st week experienced some stretching so move the lights to about a foot away. This morning I raised the light to about 20 inches away,

Welcome to the community pictures would help

Pics please

Soil is coast of Maine stonington blend in 5 gallon pots.

Purple punch, autoflower, ILGM seeds.

Welcome to the neighborhood. Filling out the support ticket will help to help you. :blush::v:

What are your watering practices?

Distilled water every other day, About half to 3/4 split between 3 5 gallon pots

I would guess wet feet. Let them dry out more inbetween waterings and then when you water saturate them until 10-20% runoff. Cannabis is a wet/dry cycle plant.

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What do you mean by “wet /dry cycle” please?


Cannabis doesn’t like to have constantly wet soil so water let the soil dry out and water again when I used COM I watered 6 to 4 days I would lift the pot when it felt lite I would water

Thank you, I will give it a try. This is my 1st attempt.

Thank you, wasnt sure if it was watering to much or lamps to close.

When I look at your images it felt like overwatering. Wet feet is a bad term, sorry. Root rot shows up like this.


Changed my watering schedule 2 out 3 plants are doing great, thhis one is under a different light than other 2.