My Second Grow - Just Venting

Indoor mostly. Easing it outside for an eventual full time move.
Hard to believe how delicate this strain is. A bit too much water and the leaves turn white.
My first grow, unknown variety found in a purchased bag, needed water every day.
Getting a moisture meter to see what the optimal amount is.

Just venting. Thanks for looking.


You don’t have to bother with a moisture thing. Just pick up pot after watering, when dry, you can tell difference in weight. What soil are u in?


OOPS. Welcome to the neighborhood


Hey @KNeptune , Welcome to the forum.
That soil looks a lot like some I bought a couple years ago and tried with several plants. Nothing ever really grew well in it. I think a lot of companies are claiming they are using “Forest Products” to get cannabis growers to purchase it. Fox Farms soil which is well known for cannabis growing has “Aged Forest Products” in it and I think that was the difference. I have a tomato in that same soil that wouldn’t work, but now after three years of decomposing and the plant is doing great. I think those cheaper soils just rush the process a bit too much. The look of the plant also says too little light, Many grown in a window look like that. Cannabis likes a lot of direct light. If you tell us more about your lights and the soil you are in we may be able to advise what to do next.


Hey Spiney. Thanks for the reply.
Thanks beachglass.
Here are a couple more pics. The soil and the actual grow spot. The light is a 65 watt GE plant light, on 24/7. (I’m in NC)
I know every seed is different This setup worked great previously so, ya know…
Perhaps drop the light closer to the plant?
I have stopped watering until the soil is dry and the leaves droop a little.

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@KNeptune i agree that the light needs to be closer. If your end goal is a full on outside grow keep up the hardening process so you can get that lady outside working on her tan lol. NC has plenty of sun fill her needs!!

Welcome to the forum


Thanks everyone for the support. Light lowered. Hopefully she’ll be outside working on her tan soon. :sunglasses:

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The outside light will make 100% difference. That little light is only going to take you so far.

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Use “BACK OF HAND” light test to determine if too close to plant?
Don’t burn your hand, or the plant, when your hand is above plant at begining of plant canopy.


Welcome! Tons of people here with tons of knowledge! Can’t wait to see what she looks like once she’s outside!

Yeah burning was a concern. Lamp is now closer and hand is still cool.
Thanks Man.

Taking a short trip next week, Will be pruning and putting her outside on return.
I’ll post another pic after a week or so out there.

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