Skunk red hair grow

I plant two red hair at the same time but they are both growing different what does this mean and it is something I should worry about?red#1


No , the only thing is to keep them in the right ranges , temps , humidity , and let them grow until they ready to cut and hang .

No - jus continue to feed and take good care - color comes in later flower and can be induced by cerrtin nutrients

This additive , or Cha- Ching by Fox Farm works excellent for late flower .


Is it possible they are the same strain but showing different phenom types?

Not sure if I spelled that right. Sativa or Indica habits taking over.

Thanks ! - were can the “Terpinator” be purchased ?

On Amazon .

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This is it right here Steve .

Can someone help? My plant is growing seeds it looks like there’s seeds sac but I’ve never had a male near them and they’re only two does this mean that it’s a Hermie?

I believe the thing causing your anxiety is just a preflower. The little pod at the base of the branch is normal.

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But I see a seed in there pulled off a couple?

How is your girl doing?

She doing good about to be harvest in a couple of days I’ll get back with pics

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Medicine time .

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Looking good. I’m still trying to get a handle on how long it takes for the trichomes to transition to the proper percentage of amber.

I thought I would be harvesting this weekend, but the amber isn’t progressing as fast as I was expecting. Maybe another week.

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Extend your dark time on timer , if you running 12/12 , go to 11/13 a week , than 10/14 the next week and that should help to finish her .

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Lol. I run with a seasonal timer that is preset and locked.

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Have you used that terpinator ?

No. She is finished now though. Hopefully when I’m able to restart my grow again I can get my hands on some.

Thanks yoshi!