Plant growing wierd

Hello so i hadve these AK from growers choice seeds. 3 of them are growing very wierd. And they are turning brownish color its harvest time but still i want to know why is it genetics? I also think i overfeeded it? Maybe im late with harvest?. Please what u guys think thamk you😀


@dbrn32 is this a fully mature male?? Pollinated hermie??

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This happen to be an auto? Looks like a bad phenotype that just wanted to foxtail instead of stack bud. What kind of lighting conditions did you give it?


It’s a female plant and I don’t see any signs of hermaphrodite. Maybe something more like what Bobbydigital suggests or something with environmental factors.


Yeah foxtailing big time. That could be genetics or a reaction to stress (usually light too intense)

2 weeks indoor and then it went outside until harvest. I think its genetics. They did not have any stress. I also have 2 diffrent plants that have pistils but arent producing any buds!!! Could this also be genetics? I will post the pics tomorrow to show u guys its crazy looking.But thank u for the information, i just learned something new🙂

Send them pictures they may replace the seeds.
I had a plant grow light that before… Bad genetics or environmental issue it’s hard to say.

Bud wash it and make some coconut oil =p

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