Size of plant vs. when to start flowering

i have a 100 cm plant over 80 days old, should i start flowering>

It can get 2-3x bigger in flower.

thank you for the reply, I’m starting to figure this forum process out. I put this plant in a 4 gal. fabric pot, will this size make a big difference ? I started it on Feb 7, 2020 indoors,

Will the size of the pot make a difference in the size of the plant? The size of the container will be a factor in how big the plant gets. I have 11 in 5g pots with 4g of medium in them. Are you growing in a room or tent?

i started in a room under cfl , As the days get warmer i am moving them around. I central TX you never know what you will get. (wind, storms etc.) started 3 in Feb. then did a clone, and two more seeds. I have know idea what strain they are.

I’m right with you on the weather I’m in NE Oklahoma. I would flip them for sure. 100cm is 39" so if it doubles in size your looking at almost touching the ceiling.

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ok, thanks for your input.

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