I am guessing it is time to start flowering?

Hey all, I am day 90, yes that’s right, 90 from seedling to now. I have made some mistakes during those 90 days such as not providing nutes early enough, using a clear bin (I put some carboard up to protect most roots from light), and possibly keeping it in the veg state for too long but the plant has stuck with me! My question here is, should I start flowering now? My plan is to perform a nute flush with sledgehammer a few days prior to flowering. Could anyone provide some advice on the state I am in?

I have read plenty of forums where a lot of people said to start flowering after 4 weeks - 8 weeks of veg state…not my 12 week as stated.

Plant is the super skunk strain and is about 1 foot tall and around 1 foot across. I did fim the plant (removed the top portion of the main shoot?) about 3 weeks ago and it seems to have grown a little bit taller. The leaves are all really healthy looking but I guess I was expecting the plant to be about 2 - 2 1/2 feet tall before I start the flowering process. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all!

Oh, I should also say that I am not limited by space in my tent. I would say I have an additional 3 feet of height as well as plenty of possible width.

Is that an auto or a Photoperiod plant? What size is that pot you are in? How tall is it? I think you should let them go longer. But maybe your pot is too small and thats why it isn’t getting taller. Have you tested your ppm and ph?

So, yes, the pot is definitely too small. Someone about a month ago mentioned I need to start using bigger pots. The plan is for future plants to start using the cloth 5 gallon bags pots, but this one was already pretty set in it’s home.

It is not an auto but is a straight fem plant.
Pot is about 3 1/2 gallon
Yes, PH has been very accurately measured to right at 5.5-6. FF nutes have been halved to the recommended amount. Since three to four weeks ago, I have watered the plant with 2 quarts of nute mixture ever four or five days, or as needed.

How about we start with a Support Ticket? Please be as complete as possible. Remember; you need some advice and it’s way easier if we have complete info. If using soil then tell us WHAT soil. What water, what TDS, what nutes, pot size, lights, distance etc. It all plays in to what is happening.

My initial response (with insufficient info) is it’s likely pot bound and needs to be re potted. Into a good cannabis balanced soil.


I agree with @Myfriendis410. It needs to be repotted. It will survive. A support ticket is always best if you need help. It make our diagnosis of your plant much easier. Also, make the plunge and get a TDS meter. If you’re serious about growing you honestly need the tools.

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I say that because if you have been watering with nutes every time you watered for 4 weeks, then I am sure your soil is way too hot right now