Sixty two years old and I am growing my first weed plants for medicinal purposes

I am very new to growing weed but since it is legal in my state and expensive to buy I decided I would try to grow my own plants for medicinal purposes. I bought White Widow seeds because they are auto flowering and I wanted something that would be easy to grow. The seeds were very easy to germinate! I do not have much money to spend on a lot of equipment so I bought what I could afford and used what I had. I had read about the right fertilizer to buy for the different stages and bought two tubs, one for the vegetative stage and one for the flowering stage. I had a mini plastic grow tent and set that up. I bought two led grow lights (small) for about $15.00 each and bought a small clip on fan. Later I decided to buy a larger tubular led grow light and I am using all three now. My plants are about 3 weeks old; one is growing like a weed (no pun intended) and the other is a miniature version of the larger one. Both have several layers of leaves on them. I have no idea why one plant is smaller than the other but it is growing. I keep a small bowl of water for humidity inside the tent and replenish the water when it has evaporated. So far, I think I am doing okay and will see how the smaller plant does. I have pictures and videos but I am not sure how to upload them to this post.


Somebody will be along shortly to help you figure out how to post pictures and videos , I myself am not very tech-savvy but will help you out in any way I can as far as grow questions go , but so far it sounds like you’re doing pretty good and you have a set plan , just stick to it and make sure you’re not overwatering and if you can set aside a couple of bucks for a pH meter so you can figure out what’s going on with your ladies at certain times of growth as well as your nutrients schedule and what you’re feeding them…


Thank you Peachfuzz! I am new to all of this including smoking it using a pipe but I have found that this is much better for my medical issues than all the drugs my doctor has given me throughout the several years that I have had back issues. Just today I learned of a better lighting system than I am currently using and ordered it! Its the Mars Hydro Dual 300w which was not that expensive (Amazon). Still would love to share my pictures for critiquing!

I am using bottled water for my plants; I didn’t want to take the chance of using tap water

Without a pH meter your guess is as good as anybody else’s and sometimes tap water isn’t that bad , but believe it or not usually whenever I test bottled water it comes out real alkaline somewhere in between a 5 or a 4.5 which isn’t necessarily good for your plants either , so next time you have the chance to jump on Amazon and look up PH meters they usually run 10 to 15 bucks for a decent one and I believe there’s even some posted on this site somewhere and if not you could always just get the drops which comes with ph up and PH down to adjust your pH and that’s actually the best thing that I would suggest to start out with , it’s a little kit that you can buy and it has a little dropper to test the water and over the years I’ve always gone back to it because either PH meters take a crap or malfunction and I get sick of buying them , where is now I can just look at the water almost before I add the drops and tell whether I need to pH Up or pH Down it’s really weird overtime you get better at things , and that goes with anything… LOL


I tested my bottled water and it was better than my tap water! However, since I do have ph up and down…tell me what my water should be at and I can adjust it accordingly!

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If you are in soil they say in between 6.3 and 6.8 and if you are in water or basically Hydro or coco coir you would want to be in between 5.4 and 6.1 Maybe , there is actually a chart that has been posted that tells you the best PH range for different times and growth because at certain times your plants will want different kinds of nutrients and the pH is how you make them accessible at certain times in growth if that makes sense to you…


Okay that’s what I have

I will check back in a little later and see how things are going my phone is about to die needs to go on the charger:cry::sob:


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To start off, I’m no expert but in my opinion your tap water would be better than the bottled water.
Bottled water generally has salt added to it for flavor.
Before I had access to a beautiful trout stream (natural pH of 6.5), which is where I get my water from now. I used to use tap water and just run it through a Brita filter.

But, as I’ve heard, if you can drink it… It’s okay for your plants.
Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Let your water sit out overnight if you have city water so the chlorine has a chance to evaporate. Also put it in where your plants are so it can warm up if you have real cold water in the winter in can shock the roots being to cold .



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When you’re typing in your text messages here,at the bottom where you hit reply (lower left ) on the far right side it will show you a button called UPLOAD and if you would like to add pictures or video that’s how I post. After clicking on upload then it should give your u options and is fairly straight forward from there . Welcome to the forum,like all young kids I like pictures,look forward to yours.:sunglasses::four_leaf_clover:

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Thanks for the advice, but I live on Cape Cod where the water is not safe to drink. I have tested the water and believe me it’s not good. I buy gallons of spring water and have a jug sitting close to my tent where it is kept warm.

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I have windows 10 if that makes a difference and there is no such button. However, I have found that I can drag my pictures. Videos don’t seem to work but that’s okay.

Cape water depends on where on the Cape you are located…around Otis and upper Cape the town wells were contaminated back in the late 60’s when the Air Force dumped jet fuel into the soil. Plume runs all the way to Barnstable. Wells on the lower Cape seem to be lower in contaminates … but still effected by run off of fertilizers and such.

Actually @garrigan62 there are a few other sites where people are just rude or give bad advice on purpose and then laugh and make fun of the new growers . This is the only forum so far that seems to have gathered a group of people that actually care about giving correct guidance to new growers . Now before I start a conflict I am sure they are out there but after a couple times looking at other grow forums I decided this is the spot to get all my help from . I have even seen a moderator step in and correct questionable advice or spend 2 hours looking up a answer for someone THAT just doesn’t seem to happen other places .