First grow for me

i am getting my things I will need to do my first grow. I ordered the ww with fertilizers, been reading in bergmans lab and here in the forum. the lab was really precise what I have read but coming here loosened up a few things especially about grow rooms, germination and lighting. I took old seeds that I had from street mj and tried diff things and right now I have 4 sprouted. the only other thing I ordered was the pod pots in the site and for me this was great I found them because you can mess up with the first plant. these things are set in water and grow to the right moisture level then all you do is put your seed in there. I still have a lot to learn and will try and let yall know how the real seeds work. I have 20 so im bound to be able to get something. I plan to put 3 outside in march but will start 8 more when they come im set up and ready. got my who knows what seeds under my lights and in my growing closet bought a thermometer and humidity gauge and put in the room now I am experimenting with temp and humidity , I am a little overwhelmed with the possibilities of both success and failures hopefully I limit the latter.


Welcome and you came to the right place for success
Plenty of knowledge and experience around here so your in good hand
How big of a tent / grow room how many plants do you plan on growing
Where is you grow space going to be ? Basement, spare room, closet ?
You live in cold or hot climate
You’ll need lights exhaust fan ,maybe a intake fan
You’ll definitely need a fan for circulation inside tent
Humidifier if in dry climate
Heater if in.cold climate
Dehumidifier or Ac if in hot / moist climate
Ph meter
Tds meter


well im using a closet and its 3 x 6 x 9. right now its painted white. I plan on putting up aluminum foil everywhere soon. the seedlings are an inch high and only 2 days old and they are in a 3 gal bucket. I have 200 watt cfl now and have another 400 waiting when I get my seeds. this is all in the test mode. it would be nice if they grew but im trying diff things to see what I need to do. I live within 90 miles of the gulf of mexico so that should give you and idea about weather. now its anywhere from 80 to 30 who knows. humitity is usually high not now its normal around 60 but gets worse as it gets hotter outside. its why I am waiting to plant outside probably the 2 nd week in march. I am using the nutrients and other things they are sending me in a package that came in the deal of the w w . I also bought those pod things that when placed in water absorb the right amount of fluid to plant your seed. just ordered those but should be here around the same time as seeds. two reasons I got those first to insure the moisture is correct and so I can just plant the plug after it grows. it has a video and is kind of neat how big the plants get before you put them in a bigger container. as far as the fans right now I am cracking the door open and have a fan blowing in there I will do something diff as it warms up but now its ok I checked and have 70 percent hum and 75 degrees temp. as it gets warmer I plan on starting my ac which will keep my temps ok with the help of and exhaust fan we will see may have to add supply. thinking about running a duct right into the room. still thinking. as far as ph and such I am counting on the sites stuff I will just follow directions. thanks for any help you can give and I hope it will help others who really has never grown.

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@fwn54 Hi, you don’t want to use aluminum foil, you want to paint it flat white, aluminum foil doesn’t reflect as well as flat white and it also reflects hot spots

  • best of luck!

I’m with @Paranorman leave or paint it white the brighter the white the better :+1:
Sounds like you got it covered
Your going to want to get those meters
20$ ea on Amazon
And you’ll need them for sure
Keep us posted and good luck

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You want to use flat white, you don’t want a gloss or even a semi-gloss, flat white is the most reflective


if i am using ilgm products sent in one package, just the way everything is set up here, the feeling like the owner wants you to grow the best possible. so im wanting to trust this if I follow directions then I should be ok; while writing this I did think of something my waters ph I will check it at work and see what it is but I have tested a lot of water here part of my job and it runs about 7.2-7.4 but will check, and I will get one if I think I need it. let me ask how does your ph get out of whack?


You want to check PH after adding any nutrients. So, even if you know your starting PH, you won’t know what it is after adding nutrients - you will really need a meter or test strips (some way to measure with each watering). PH is the number 1 and 2 problem growers have. 3 is overwatering.

Best of luck! Looking forward to following!


6.0-6.5 is the sweetest spot for them I ph at 5.8-6.6 tops very important to have a good ph :seedling::evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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ok I guess I will get one it wont hurt and will help when I try for better thc percent and yield. i am starting at ground zero here and am looking and checking things as i go so im not going to let anything go to far. i guess what the problem for me is that the i feel like the more i have to try and grow perfectly ill make a mistake so i try and keep it as simple as possible out of my hands as much as possible, let nature take its course. the more involved i am i feel ill mess it up.


Absolutely. Sometimes less is more. With the right PH (6.5-6.6 for soil) a lot of potential problems won’t happen. PH is key to nutrient intake.

I hope you get monster plants! Lots of help here :+1:


I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am…Learning from mistakes will make future grows even that much sweeter.


Ph in soil will change over time But don’t have enough knowledge to explain it sufficiently so I’ll leave that part for someone with more knowledge @Majiktoker or @garrigan62 can explain it better I’m sure
Ph will change when you add nutes to the water also
I do know Soil grown MJ plants like ph around 6.3-6.7
I don’t grow in coco but believe ph should be lower 5.8 range same as hydro but don’t quote me on that
Again o don’t use either :+1::v:
You will want to pick up some ph up and ph down sold as a kit on Amazon inexpensive
There are natural ways to control ph also which I’ll the the experts explain also
Thanks guys

Here is a chart on P H

Hope this helps



thank you all for the help. after I posted last night I decided to read some more and found everything you are saying is true. even saw what bad ph does to your plants. I now have another question how fast does it change and how much correcting do I have to do on a daily, weekly time table?

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If you’re in soil, check the water every time you water. I prepare, in gallon jugs, just what I need for that watering.

If you have runoff in your catch trays, test it. If it’s way off in either direction you can make up for it with your waterings. Low soil PH will rise with higher PH water. I personally focus on what I’m putting as I don’t get a lot of runoff to test. If I see a problem, I start digging deeper. Until then, I just water/feed.

PH Down solution seems to be MUCH stronger than up. I use a medicine dropper and around 8 drops of PH down goes 1 full PH point on my meter (7.5 → 6.5). Yours could be different, that’s what it is for me. PH Up takes more than twice as much to go one point in the opposite direction.

PH’d water will also change with water temp, so if you mix a bunch up ahead of time, you should still PH it before using.

I’m seeing you were asking @Countryboyjvd1971, sorry for jumping in.

I want all the help I can get just picked one to reply to keep the conversation going. why check the ph of the water you use if you are just going to adjust the ph in the soil? it seems you should water or add nutrients first then check ph of soil to see which of the two items you mention to use. and yes I understand about how yours will diff from mine. depends on a lot but I think it would mainly depend on container size. how do you know if you have added enough water/ nutrient to your plants?

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In my opinion, focus more on the water you’re putting in and less on the soil itself. If you put in correctly, you will avoid a lot of the other problems.

And yes, add all your nutrients to the watering container, then PH the water. Again, you want to be checking water PH. You can check soil if you want, but what you’re dumping in is top priority. If you’re checking it in the soil, it’s too late if it’s wrong.

I mix everything in 1 gallon jugs to make it easy. Most additives, at least in the USA, are “per gallon” when it comes to how much to add.

Just out of curiosity, how are you planning to measure soil PH? I ask because if it’s a 4-1, moisture, temp, light, PH probe, it won’t be accurate enough. Something like this to measure the water is your best bet.

It’s all good I never mind if some answers for me it can seem like forever when waiting for an answer sometimes lol
And I’ll leave it where you did seems like you answered it better then could have @Matthew420