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I’m growing indoors my first time right now and into week 2 of flower and want to ask more experienced folks about what varieties grow similar sizes. I like to have a little variety when I smoke so I want to grow different varieties. This grow I have 2 Granddaddy Purple,2 Girl Scout cookies and 2 Super Lemon Haze in a 5x7.5 closet. My problem has been the GDP grew almost twice as fast/big as the others and I don’t want to have this problem my next grow. The GSC and the SLH grow great together, very close in structure.

What other varieties are about the same shape and size?. I know something about LST and other methods of limiting the size/shape of a plant…but good Lord these GDP took off and they won’t slow down and I would rather not have this battle again soon. TIA for any advice.


Would be like asking each of your children to be the same shape and size. Not really possible.


This is almost impossible to answer. The easiest answer being keep indica with indica, sativa with sativa, and similar hybrids with similar hybrids.

The reason why I say it’s nearly impossible to judge different strains is because all plants have differences and they can be unpredictable. Your best bet is running the same strain. Usually never perfect but close. Not always though one can be much taller.

Whatever you choose make sure you have a way to boost up plants if needed. Super cropping is an option, lst is an option.


I know Indica plants are usually shorter and more rounded and Sativa is usually taller and Christmas tree shaped and hybrids can be anything in-between. But in my first indoor grow, I can plainly tell the GSC and the SLH grow pretty much the same. I guess I am asking if there are varieties that are consistently the same because all the 3 I grew indoors, the plants looked the same as their sister variety.


In the size space I’m using, if I try to grew GDP again, I’ll know to only grow 4 plants and not 6. I’ve cut, removed,moved,tied down that GDP but it’s in second week of flower so pruning the upper parts isn’t something I want to do and the netting is full.

I made a rookie mistake and don’t want to make it again picking varieties that just make it harder to manage and wanted a little input on what works indoors. I’ve grown outdoors for a long time but I have a lot to learn about indoors.


This is generally why I scrog everything. Easier to manage height and lots of similar sized buds.

3 different strains here…


Ok so this is where it gets technical but ill do my best :sweat_smile:

All stains can be consistent, it depends on the genetics and how much stabilization went into them.
What I’m saying is not all strains are created equal or even the same DNA at all, say Zkittles for example. Each breeders Zkittles can be completely different, some could be F1 seeds (first cross of 2 strains) or they could be back breed upto say F5 and be known as a IBL seed (in breed line).
F5 seeds or any seeds labeled IBL are when you start seeing consistency.
Most often seed banks don’t specify what type of genetics you are getting but sometimes they do or give clues in the descriptions…
But if you want to cut to the chase then go straight to breeders sights, there you will find the best of their best and they are happy to show off their IBL strains :grin:
IBL seeds can be expensive, but you get what you pay for in most cases with reputable breeders of course :wink:


So far I’ve only used ILGM and Seed Supreme… and I hate to say this but I got the exact same seeds from both. I’m not talking just the same variety…same lot numbers and packaging on one variety. I can only say growing outdoors with ILGM seeds, the plants are usually very close to the same and the quality of each has been consistent. I’m not sure what ILGM or Seed Supreme are selling.

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Some how my last post didn’t tag you 1HappyPappy but it was responding to you


This is how all seed banks work.
Google “F5 seeds” and you’ll find something good.
My favorite autoflower that has been the most consists is “twisted cookies”, they are an F5 seed, that breeder has solid genetic though not alot of strains to choose from.
They are quality over quantity :+1:


This was a good exploration that I have seen before (F5 seeds). Interesting and I’ll be looking for that designation and will google it.

I’m raising two Acapolco Gold plants that don’t even look like distant cousins. Maybe F1 seeds?

I do realize they can and often do look different but my two are totally different

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@HotAndHumid Heres a simple chart to help visualize it.

Theres also things like S1 seeds which simply means its been self pollinated once.
The first original Gorilla Glue for example was a S1 as it was self pollinated.
S1 can be hit or miss. It was a s1 from say a a f2 plant then that s1 is probably not good but sayvit was a s1 from a f5 plant, that could be amazingly consistent…

But anything IBL sounds have no more then 2 posable pheno types with 1 pheno being more dominant, meaning most all plants will be really close to the same most of the time.

"Inbred line cannabis seeds, often known simply as IBL seeds, are the result of inbreeding the descendants of the F1 cannabis seeds. It is usual to breed for 5 or more generations (F5) in order to be regarded as inbred line cannabis seeds. At this point the IBL may often be considered as a distinct strain in its own right.

Remember that the cannabis seeds have been produced from plants with genetics which are practically identical over several generations. Although this type of breeding is arduous and may take several years, the resulting cannabis seeds are typically very consistent with highly predictable results for the grower."

Really interested stuff to study up on, it gets deep if you’re into that kinda stuff .


Great explanation and graphic. After reading and seeing it, I remembered I had once researched golden doodles. It all makes sense.

I can’t help but think my plant is an F1 or close to it? The picture below showing both plants side by side may not look that much different. But, in person that aren’t even close.

After reading your post, I went to the Seedman web site where I bought the Acapolco Gold seeds. Could not find anything about and F designation. It did say it was a landrace genetics.

I went to several sights looking for F designations but found nothing.

You are right, interesting stuff.

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