2 plants supposed to be the same but arent

I have 2 plants that are supposed to be Chronic Widow. They are in budding stage but look entirely different. One looks Indica dominant but the other appears to be Sativa dominant. Sativa will not reach maturity where I live

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Same plants, same situation

Where did you get your seeds? Usually in a F1 strain, you get genetic variations. It could just be the supplier of the IBL. Not sure what F line Ilgm is on with that strain.

Regardless: you’re going to get variations within the phenotype. The only way to be identical is to take clones.


I purchased the seeds from ILGM.

Great plants.

I think you got lucky with the gene lottery.

Next year I’m going with regular seeds,

Best of luck with your grows.


You should clone the good one, and grow that. It’s the only way to get a stable phenotype. Seeds are all unique. They are a great starting point, but pros will grow a bunch of mothers from different seeds, grow out clones from each, then see which one they keep. It takes a couple of grow cycles, but you end up with a great strain to clone for years. It is very easy to fill a whole greenhouse with clones from one mother.


@Myfriendis410 is correct youll always get genetic variations and cloning is the way to have plants all look the same

When starting from seed they will sometimes look different especially when dealing with hybrids

If you grew a landrace strain there would be less genetic differences but theybwould still be present
Your plants look happy and healthy either way
Enjoy the harvest when that time comes


Agreed on both cloning and grown from seed accounts. Sativa and Indica, they grow, stretch, and stack differently. I may have read mor into it than just, he got one with Fat Indica leaves and one with Sativa leaves. Although there will be variations when growing from seeds; it’s more likely to happen in a F1 strain where amounts of Sativa/Indica dominance can vary widely.

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I agree @Budbrother you can get many variations in hybrid genetics