Same Strain Different Results

I have (2) Violator Kush now (39) days into Bloom. The feminized seeds are from Barneys Farm. Yes, I confess, before I discovered ILGM I purchased seeds from your competition. One of the 2 plants looks normal with tight colas. The other plant stretched very long and bushy but not tight. You can see the close up.

Any idea whats going on? I see tons of white hairs and no sign of pollen sacks

When growing from seed you can have different looking plants because of phenotype expression and other factors like epigenetics. Most good breeders spend a lot of time back crossing and other practices to get some real true stability so that most of their seeds grow out into plants looking the way they want them to look, but even then you will sometimes find the odd-lady-out when growing from seed.

You can even see the difference in the leaves. The 1st one has broader leaves (stronger Indica pheno). The 2nd has skinny leaves, indicative of a predominantly Sativa pheno. :slight_smile: