Should I switch my lights to the flower stage now?

The facts:
-LSD autos from ILGM
-5 weeks
-Method: Soil (ocean forest)
-Vessels: 2 three gallon smart pots
-Indoor or Outdoor - indoor, AC 4x2x5’
-Light system - Viparspectra XS2000
-Actual wattage draw of lights - 250
Side note on lights - OPTIMAL FULL SPECTRUM & FLEXIBLE DIMMIER: Consists of 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light, which providing your plants with excellent full spectrum led grow lights.
-Current Light Schedule -18/6
-Temps; Day - 80 Nights - 65
-Humidity; Day - 65-70 Night - 55 - 65
-Ventilation system; No
-Co2; No

Problem: Laverne and Shirley look exactly like a pictures I found of a stunted plant. So they are only 3.5 and 4" tall, but following up everywhere. I was thinking they needed to very a little longer but these little stuff want to go ahead and flower, but I don’t see how they can do much on such short little stems.

Should I go ahead and switch the lighting to flower or keep trying to veg longer?

I’ll post pics of the little girls down below…

I was just reading on the light I have that it helps especially during flower stage. Those extra lights stay on with the rest of the lights so you can’t change what you use. Could that be causing my to go in to flower so early?

You’re not adding anything by longer hours, might as well save dollars and go 12/12. You’re not in veg anymore you’re in full flower.

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You’re already in flower.

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Stunted sorry to see that. You are fine with 18/6 light schedule because it is an auto. Eight weeks or more and not much to show for the time and effort. If you want to save on the E bill you can back off on the hrs.

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BTW …it’s husbandry that are make your plants stunted/ flower early, which might include lights.

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Yeah… But I didn’t really get any veg time. That’s going to make it less strong though right? Which again doesn’t really hurt me, this stuff is all for me… Not for making $$ but I’d still like to get them good and healthy and have some good stuff to relax my old bones and relieve some of this pain.

They’re pretty much what they’re going to be at this point. They’ll build their bud out a bit but that’s about it.


I guess I better be dropping in a couple seeds then huh? Lol… But I have to say…@fiz has the same seeds and his was just exactly tiny like mine but she really beefed up and he’s got a beautiful plant now. I tried to tag him but it won’t let me… But yeah his Lucy recovering wonderfully!

Here’s to learning!!!

Yeah I’d definitely get some going. They look to be a couple weeks into flower already.

That is correct … About 10 days actually lol… But I had two before these two that didn’t do well, one died, the other is 10 weeks old and only 4" tall… She’s like one little bud.
The problem is I only have one tent and with them being on different schedules of lights, I’m not sure exactly how I will manage a couple more lol
Picture below is 10 week old Priscilla…

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That’s why I’m not much of a fan of autos. I like to be in control of when they flower. If they’re more autos you’re going to plant, you can start them with the plants you have in there. They don’t care about light schedule.

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True story and thank you. I went with the autos because I figured I’d have a better chance of them surviving. And it said they are easier for new growers.
But I got 16 more of those babies so I better figure out how to grow them!
I think I got 20 lsd… So I’ll just have to plan on keeping maybe 4 going at all times…

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I’m a woman. No offense taken, but I figured you’d like to know. I have no idea why Lucy was so tiny, I handled her with kid gloves always, but you never know!

Lucy looks amazing for her 20 inch height. I was convinced I was going to have a disaster when she bloomed at 4.5 inches tall when she was 16 days above ground. Literally before I transplanted her from her solo cup. Talk about no veg!

She grew nearly 5x that height, and seeing as how they say the flowering stretch will make them 2x as tall, she’s a superhero in my book.

(No flash and flash - looks like an ice storm!)


If you’re growing auto flowers then the light schedule doesn’t matter at all no matter what stage they are in…
Get some more going and start a journal, I can’t promise you I can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong but I promise I will try at every step with them.
Autos can be tricky and sometimes things just go bad early and things like this happen, they just don’t give us the time to even realize we did something wrong till the damage is done. It’s almost better to start a couple more then you plan on to increase your odds of having 1 produce good at least…

But with auto flowers, set your light timmer to 18/6 and forget about it. Stick as many as you can fit in that tent and keep on trying :grin:

Thank you for that info and yes it does matter if you are male or female… So stupid people like me, don’t call you a guy lol.
My apologies but I still luv ya lol
So have you switched to the 12/12 lights yet? That’s all I’m really wondering about right now…Do I switch or do I try to squeeze in more veg time… Which I’m guessing would be impossible since they are autos.
Anyway, what did you do with the lights and how much water should they be getting now?
We’re now at 5 weeks… And apparently been flowering for a little over a week.

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Don’t apologize, it’s not obvious from my name! :kissing_heart:
Fiz’s grow journal for Lucy
I have a very detailed record of what I did, and pictures too. Starting at week 4 b/c she was around 5 - 6 inches then, and I didn’t really get that she was flowering.

I weighed her every day, and watered by weight, with a double check with the moisture meters (2) just to be sure.

I meant to switch to 12 - 12, but I was out all day today - Mom’s 91st birthday.


Bobby Dig answered this question as did others. Your plant is already flowering. The white hairs (pistils) coming from its calyxes tells you it is flowering. Therefore, regarding the light schedule…IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. It is an auto so you can run lights 12/12 all the way to 24/0.
Autoflowering cannabis is exactly as the names implies. The plant will flower irrespective of light or dark periods. This is unlike photoperiod cannabis. Photoperiod plants require periods of total darkness to initiate flower. It can vary by a couple hours but generally 12 hours is the most commonly used.

I started with autos. I thought it would be easier too. In some ways yes they are easier in that you turn on the light and you don’t have to change how long it is on or off. But they are much less rewarding to grow and work with. I had them start flowering in 20+ days all the way to 55 days. I have had total grow days go from only 88 days to 136 days.
This is not to say you will not run into the occasional small photo. One of my first photos was Northern Lights. I grew four very nice plants. Three were twice the size and weight of the fourth. Each weighed four + ounces while the 4th was a little over two. The 4th may have been the smallest but it had other redeeming qualities

Maybe yours will have a growth spurt, I hope so.
If you have history with this strain growing small plants I would consider getting some different seeds. Too much time, effort and $$ invested to harvest a few grams of cured bud.

This is the smallest auto I have grown, Blueberry from ILGM. Close to harvest - 16" great flower about 3 oz.

Good luck


Thank you for the great info. This is my first grow, actually second if you count the one the died and the one that is also stunted at 10 weeks and only 4" tall… It’s cute though, just one little bud pretty much…

I’ve got so much to learn. I will definitely try some non-autos this summer though. My tent is only 4x2x5… And I guess I’ve got enough room in there to start a couple more, I’ve got LSD to kill lol.
Again thanks so much for the info.
I have two journals going also.
Lucy and Priscilla’s and now Laverne and Shirley.


Priscilla’s still trying… She’s like the little engine that could lol

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I’m sorry lady lol… It’s hard to tell who you’re talking with sometimes lol.
Seriously though… My apologies… You’ve been the best help for me so far too…I def don’t want to offend you!!!