Should i let it go longer?

I am just wondering if its possible for flowering to be done sooner than it should be? I am 6 1/2 weeks into flower, strain is girl scout cookies. Flower time is 9-12 weeks but i am noticing alot of dark hairs, not enuff yet but close.

This is my first grow in over 15 years so i am abit unsure, i dnt want to harvest too soon and miss out on more goodness from my nuggets, but also dnt wnna wait too long
I will try take pics of tricomes abit later with my scope

You’ve still got some time. You want to wait till all the pistils are brown and shriveled up. Then you start to check the trichomes with a microscope. You want to see mostly cloudy with some amber (depending on your preference) and then she’ll be ready to harvest. Do you have a hand microscope yet?

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Thanks for advice. I do have a 40x jewler microscope, they r looking cloudy with maybe 1or2% amber(not many amber) and few clear here and there last time i checked about a week ago. I will try take a pic and post later. I really dnt wnna mess this harvest up because it is turning out very good and smell is sooo potent. I have also noticed in the last few days that buds r swelling or fattening up nicely.

Yes, they’re going to put on weight now, so don’t be tempted to take them to early. You’re very close though.