Should I introduce a fan?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Should I be concerned if my bud is still fresh and not even slightly crisp on the outside, at seven days of drying? It is winter on my side. Should I introduce a fan?

Yes you can!
Do not let the fan blow directly on the buds but use it to circulate air
Did you do a wet trim at all , or just cut em down and hang em? If not you may want to trim some of the non smokeable stuff off to improve air circulation and speed things up a bit
Hope this helps


yeah add a fan to get that air moving, i also suggest a dehumidifier or bovida packs. also hangin at first to let gravity do its thing with the rest of the moisture in the stems so it will trickle down and out of the buds. If the stems crack like a cracker or a stick then remove the buds from the stems. drying and curing could drastically improve final product, so my advice. take your time and dry them slowly. matter of fact the slower the better. let it mature (like fine wine) but make sure they dont get to moist or are still to “wet” because it could just advocate for mold and mildew to come in and !@#$ up your life. hard lesson to learn. but it comes with experience.


cardboard box method, let them sit in there for a couple of day but not to long so they dry out completely. (do not let them get 100% dry)

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Love the box


It is a helmet box
My northern lights auto

thats perrrrrrfect, just keep a eye on it, remember not to dry, you want some moisture on them

Yea that was last grow
I kept an eye on them and the bud was top shelf for sure
3 days in the box then 30 days in the jar with boveda 62 paks


ive always wondered about the science behind why cardboard helps in curing and ripening things. :thinking:


It draws moisture. Like a sponge