Help! Buds all dry after only 2 days drying?

My buds are all dried out after only 2 days? Not sure what to do…just put them in Grove Bags anyway?

Good question. How did that happen? Fan blowing on them? I have a method or two to rehydrate them, in the past I have cut celery spears placed into curing jars until the buds soaked up some moisture not more then a day or two then cured as normal.
Interested to see what others have to say.


Holy crap I hate to hear that. What was your drying process like? Don’t know if this will work take q-tips, get both ends wet shake off extra water and drop 2-3 in your jar and watch to see what the humidity dose. Then just check every couple hours when q-tips dry do it again. Interested to see what experts say ?

Make sure your humidity and temps are close to 60% and 60°F. And fan needs to circulate the air around them, but not pointed directly at them.

Also, are your stems, where the buds meet the bigger stems bending? Breaking and still fibrous? Or snapping totally apart? The outside of the buds can be crispy, and the inside still moist. Learned the hard way, as I thought some was dry, and ended up having to chunk a whole quarter bag some days later, as it developed mold.

If it is totally dry, a small piece of lettuce is commonly used for a few hours in a jar with the bud. I’ve heard orange peel as well since limonene is a common terpine. I don’t think I would do this method in Grove bags, though, just because of the way they are designed.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Chances are there is still some internal moisture within your buds. If you seal them into something for maybe 45 minutes or so you should start to see moisture equalize.

Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to start curing if that’s the case. Once you start pulling moisture out there won’t be much left if allowed to dry out again.


I used my Sensor Push this time around for seeing once the RH dropped below 60%. I checked multiple days and its at a stable 62% now due to the Boveda Packs.

Sliced carrot will also rehydrate. 1 or 2 slices per mason jar for 24 hrs.

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I use orange and lemon peel. I guess I should say I used to use them. I’d put them in the dried out bags to which I used to be subjected. Now it’s low and slow (68 degrees and 60ish Rh).

My buds did that on me when I wet trimmed them. Now I know I have to leave all the fans etc on during drying and seriously reduce the speed on my fan. Average RH is 30% or lower so I feel your pain. My longest dry has been 5 days, but even the really crispy buds have been okay. Just finish trimming them up and throw them in your grove bags with a hygrometer. If the RH still isn’t between 58-63% in about 48 hrs, throw in a fan leaf, an orange peel, or whatever you’ve got to help re-hydrate the buds. I’ve used fan leaves a lot from other vegging plants to get my buds back into the realm of curable.

For what it’s worth they’ve regained their stank after about 2 weeks of curing.

Thanks everyone…super helpful
So, this is what happened:

  1. These plants were super dry to begin with…not many fan leaves.
  2. The humidity dropped for several days/week now to 45% humidity. Also, temperature dropped a lot this time of year in mid-Atlantic states
  3. The plants closer to the small fan (even tho not pointed at them) were much drier than the ones in the back row.
  4. I put them in a Grove bag and will check the humidity in a day or so

Will let you know

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