Slow Dry, Take it Easy

I had the pleasure of chopping down my second grow today. Feels good. I’m going to dry in my tent and wondered if a fan inside the tent is necessary if I have an exhaust fan pulling air out to a filter. I’m dialed in on RH and temp. There should be decent airflow because of the exhaust fan. Last grow I feel dried on the quick side and I was trying to slow it down. The dry was successful, but I am always looking to improve the final product. Thoughts?


Congratulations on the chop!


I chopped my second grow/plant on Monday. My first chop dried way too quickly, so I’m also trying to slow it down a bit, and the recent weather helped. So far, the scent profile is still citrus, pine, and skunk - not lawngrassinol.


What would we do without clothes hangers. :woman_shrugging: :upside_down_face:


Keep a fan blowing just not on them. Stagnant air could cause mold.

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Air wouldn’t be stagnant with the exhaust fan on, right? In order for air to be pulled out, fresh air would have to be pulled in

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You can still get air not moving. Think of it like a stream. Some places have more currant some the water goes nowhere.


I run exhaust fan and I also use small clip-on just to move a little air. But not blowing directly on product.


Like the FOGHAT reference


Nice analogy. Makes sense.

Congratulations Bonzo, can’t wait until I get to bud…

Just add a small 6 inch fan from walmart to the floor blowing on low at a wall. I just hang in my bedroom from a scrog net hanging from ceiling with a fan blowing to the opposite end of the room from the plants. Just to keep air moving around and between the buds without being directly on the bud. Also when the bud feels crispy on the outside and still a bit moist on the inner i snip trim and jar them. If rh goes above 70% i dump out on a tray for tge day at night jar up til morning. If rh is over 70 i dump out again. Once i get rh between 58 and 62ish i leave in jar and only open once a week for 10 mins each then once a month for a few mins just to let out gasses. But constantly watch the rh in jars til u get it between 58 and 62. Once close to desired rh if still high at night i will leave in jars but leave lid open and flipped backwards covering only half the hole so only a bit of air gets in. Keep tge dry as long as possible but aleays watch rh as to not nold in jars. This is how i get the best out of my product here for it to not dry too fast and have to run all kinds of stuff to get a good rh and temp and all.


Chop chop nice :+1:t2::sunglasses: