Should I have the light cranked up or down

I’m really confused with my new led light. Getting some foxtailing going on, and some places I read say not enough light, and others say to much light. Trying to figure out best light practices. It’s an hlg 350r. Light has been about 19” above, and I’ve had it on the 6th notch which is 280w. That photone app is all over the place, and I don’t know what to think about it. My plant is 8 1/2 weeks 12/12. Pure power plant 70/30 sativa.


Are the lower buds fox tailing? Just checking to see if this is lighting or genetics?? Can you give me some PPFD/DLI readings. Sweet light by the way and I have HLGs and set by their height recommendation then I adjust by PHOTONE app for DLI and PPFD :love_you_gesture:

Edit: I’m usually at around 45-60 DLI at this stage

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You know, I do have that app, but I don’t think I know how to use it. I don’t know which setting to use. Full spectrum, or red/blue. I have an android phone. It’s a moto g stylus. Very different readings on both settings.

I have an IPhone and have settings for 24, 12 or 18 hours and PPFD or DLI. Not sure on the Droid :thinking::thinking:.

I don’t see any issues with light damage; I’m also leaning towards it being genetic. My NY Diesel grew like that, ran the same cut twice. The foxtails weren’t “bad”, they were sorta just a stacked bud structure, never turned into the “finger”. Buds ended up fat but a bit of a pain to trim.

@Reed71 grows a lot of this strain, hopefully he can weigh in.


@Dexterado I’ve not had any issues with foxtailing from the what I come to call triple p for short @CurrDogg420 i figured it could be the light’s that why i didn’t say anything I’ve never grown with them before so hopefully some one that has reads this @Dexterado are you growing in a tent or room

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Closet, but the door is kept open until lights out.

@Dexterado Do you have a lot of light coming out from the door being open i don’t know anything about the light though. what’s the size of light and closet

I seriously had this same issue a few grows ago. I went from a 400 hps to a 350 led. The outcome below. I believe now I should have backed up the light based on ppfd/DLI.
My problem… I always believed LED would never match up to HPS.
I used to do coral reef tanks and that hobby swore by metal halide… Until it didn’t :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


It’s about 5’x2.5’x8’. When I shut the door I cover all the cracks with cardboard so there’s no light leaks. I got my question answered on someone else’s post about the Android phone and photone app.


Calibrate the photone app with the 350r ppfd chart if you’re unsure my friend. I did that with the Scorpion Diablos I’m using and no more worries.
Here’s your ppfd charts for the 350r. Pick a height on the chart and measure down from the center of your light with a tape measure and your phone and hit the calibrate button once you reach that distance from the center of your light.

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What are the temperature of the buds. Heat can cause this.