Lights being to close

So I have a question about led lighting. I have 3 plants growing and 2 are much taller than the other. So one of the plants is heavy foxtailing late in flower. Will having light to close cause foxtailing up to and past the point of harvest? So even though lots of foxtails like entire cola even though all trichromes are cloudy do you wait for foxtailing to stop then check trichromes? Going on week 12.

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The fox tails that are covering the bud won’t go away once they’ve formed. Lowering the intensity will prevent future fox tails. Put the smaller ones on a pot riser to get them all at an even height and adjust your lighting intensity :love_you_gesture:

I’m still learning how to use my hlg 350r as I too have a little foxtailing. Even though I lowered the intensity during flower, I still think I had to high about mid bloom. Here’s what one of my buds looks like.


One of the reasons we back off light intensity be it dimmer knobs, light height or combo of the last two weeks or so before harvest is to cut back on the chance of fox tailing. You can see it in DLI charts and other info.

Ok so the white pistils are going to stay? The trichromes are cloudy but covered in white pistils. Today is day 84 the buds farther from the light aren’t foxtailed and have cloudy trichromes so should I go by those buds?

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You go by the overall appearance of the trichomes on the buds. Pistils, fox tailing and other so called indicators are very variable and all over the place. Most harvest when they start seeing amber trichomes coming on. Some like all cloudy and no amber. Thats up to you. Just look at the trichomes.

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Post a few pics of the buds from upper to lower on the plant. I check the middle buds for ripeness. Are you setting your light using a meter or iPhone app? I rarely exceed an average DLI of 45 sometimes a little more to get the grow space corners to to 40.:love_you_gesture:

Lol that whole last sentence was Greek to me. My light h as a % knob. Is supposed to be 24-30 inches away. Started at 50% and slowly turned up to 90%

Oh yeah I have a shit phone pics aren’t the easiest for me at all and I have extremely Shakey hands so trichromes aren’t really clear.

I’m not sure about the dli. I just read about it. I had never come across that with all the reading and videos I’ve watched. You said app do you recommend an Android app that measures the dli? Some of that info should be in the instructional booklet that came with the light I would assume

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Reputable Lighting manufacturers will give you height and intensity with a map of the readings. I use PHOTONE, it’s a smart phone app for IPhones and Droids. It’s pretty accurate and you can scan the canopy and get your DLI/PPFD readings. Adjust your light up or down in height and intensity for the plants growth stage :love_you_gesture:

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Killer thanks mate. Anything that I can hedge for better results I’m for. Especially since I’m harvesting my first 3 and have 3 that were supposed to be autos 60 days in and a clone about the same so I’m not set in bad habits yet. So if I can learn properly from the start all the better

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