Should I go to 12/12 for my Bubblegum (fem)?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I got two of the seeds to germinate, 2 out of 3 is good, they are about 5 weeks and about 2’ tall, I think I will go another foot and go to 12/12. Should I go to 12/12 when they are about 8 weeks and 3’ tall, currently 24, don’t really want tall plants, what do you think?”

when to go 12/12 is a preference thing and also how much room you have… the ladies will almost double in size during flowering from what i have seen… so take that into account when vegging a plant 3ft tall vegged has the potential to hits 6ft plus… and well most tents stop 7ft which won’t leave a lot of room for light imo… ive always tried to go for short fat plants myself they tend to yield more quality buds in limited experience… @Countryboyjvd1971 you said auto’s wasn’t your thing maybe you can shed some light here?

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My personal experience is a bit different. I don’t see much if any stretching during flower. Only one clone that was on the small side (WW) added in height. It depends I think on too many variables. I got a decent yield on two plants grown to that height, but let the plants tell you what they want as well.

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that could be my issue @Myfriendis410 i mostly do auto’s and the 2 fems i have now where clones hence my limited experience comment :stuck_out_tongue: plus theres topping fimming all ways to make the plant stop growing so much…

That might explain it. All of my plants have had aggressive supercropping. More like a shrub.


All plantswill either double and can even triple in size. It depends on how much space you have your your grow room/tent and how much vertical space between the canopy and the light. Of it becomes too crowded then the yeild will suffer.


It depends on your definition of a tall plant but really depends on your grow space. At 2’ tall if you switched now you could end up with a 3.5’ -4’ plant. I’m not sure if bubblegum is an indica or sativa but generally sativa a will stretch more at the beginning of flowering (unless of course you train them accordingly)


I have seen some strains triple in size during flower. :sunglasses: