Height of plant before 12/12

First time grower. Just wondering how tall I should let my pants get before switching to 12/12? Tent is 5’ 5" tall. Thanks

Depending on the strain, most doublebin height during flower. Also, remeber that you need room for your light and other stuff.


When your plant reaches four nodes, it is considered mature and can then be placed on a 12/12 schedule for flowering.

However, the longer you leave your plant in the Vegetative state, the more it will produce at the end of it’s flowering cycle. Indoor growers have to consider the constraints of the space they have available for growing and take into account how much space equipment will take up in the growing area (Lights, Fans, temperature and humidity control, air ducts, etc) and how much space they can use for allowing their plants to become taller.

As for light space considerations, it really does depend on the intensity of your light, as with some lights you can let a Cola rest on it without worry of light of heat burn. More traditional HID lights you can’t do that with and have to leave a certain amount of space in between the light and plant canopy / top of the plant.

As a result, many people have taken to using a SCROG as it is by far one of the best methods for controlling the height of your plants and still getting the most of your grow space.


subtract from vertical space…lights n hangers and buckets. that will be your vertical space minus at least 12" between the lights and plants. Keep in mind the flowering stretch will increase height sometimes as much as x2.

go tru the seed selection process and see which strains will be fit your needs.


Thanks for the replys! New to this site and enjoy all the content!


Welcome to group!

There’s a lot of different variables that come into play with deciding when to flip your plants. They won’t flower until they’re 4-5 weeks old anyway, so you need to keep that in mind. Otherwise they will stretch some while transitioning usually. How much will probably depend on genetics, light recipe, intensity, and health of plant. Then you’ll likely need some room between your canopy and lights.

If this is your first grow, I would lean towards wanting them flipped a little smaller than bigger. You can watch the progress and apply it to future grows. I would say take a look at how much room you have from top of your pots to bottom of light when light is as high as it can go. When plant takes 30% of that height up I would flip it.

There are ways to get a larger plant and still be short if you want. You can top, train, or use various other growing methods to keep a plant short.