Plant height of BubbleGum

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

for bubblegum it says it has an average height. That sounds pretty subjective. What is your average in inches that the bubblegum strain grows to. I need to know for my grow tent. Thank you for your time.


@ILGM.Zoe it is subjective as you can have different phenos present themselves in genetically identical plants. It also depends on how you plan on growing. If you do some LST or scrogging, then the height factor doesnt matter as much


Great explanation @VelcroThumb.
Simple and easy to understand


I would think average height (as they use the term) pertains to man – 5 - 6 ft… Plus this is normally what we see on those cool documentary’s… But as stated, how you ALLOW the plant to grow is the key… I crop and bend to great success… Gonna try scrogging with my current grow and I also am growin Bubble Gum along with Strawberry Ice, and Grape Ape…

Good Luck


@MotaMan i was looking at double grape, grape ape is one of the parents. Do u have a grow journal for this grow?

This is the first time for Grape Ape and me – but my cuz grew this and I got the seeds from the killer buds she gave me… And she just grows , no journal , and winds up with killer weed… Only been growin for a couple years … I’ve been since the 80’s…

Got the original seeds from a canna convention…

Good luck with your grow –


@MotaMan i believe the average they are referring to is the average height of mj plants. So my guess is anywhere from 2-3.5 feet if you grew it straight up and indoors. If you grow outdoors you can expect 5ft and up

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