Should I force flower in my limited space

I read that They will grow substantially in flower as well would it be wise to force these at 5 weeks


Force them into flower when they are about half of what you want them to be in the end.


Do you thing they are of decent growth to do so I’m asking for advice as this my first time growing indoors

If you flip them now, they will nearly double in size. That looks like they’d make some pretty decent plants. Theyre definitely big enough if thats what youre asking. Its just a preference thing…


Since this is your first grow, I’d go ahead and start flowering them as they are at a decent size. Get to harvest quickly and don’t run out of vertical space and run into issues of plant growing too close to the light and such.


I had 32” to my lights and wanted to leave 4” below so I flipped at 14”. They doubled and a third of that again, growing into the lights in at least four places. Sure, expect them to double but prepare for them to triple.

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