Flowerin indore

Im in my 4th week of flowering just want to fined out how my flowers are looking


@mj1 4 weeks into flowering? For a lot of strains you would be halfway done and a lot bulkier. After reading your other posts, my guess is your lights are the culprit. I think you have them too far away (in your other post, i saw 3 stages of plants at various heights, but could only see the light coverage and not the actual light). As far as how they look, they look ok. They look like they should, just not as big. Your plant will yield, but not much im afraid. Hope i am wrong!
@dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Screwauger any thoughts?


Out of likes, but like @VelcroThumb I suspect lighting, but it also could be root bound, and that’s just a guess as only part of the plant is pictured… @mj1 with out knowing more details. She does look healthy, just not very big. If it’s your first grow, then we want to help you produce more for next time. We don’t want to come off as trolls on the internet. That’s not what we do here.


@Covertgrower if you look at his other posts you will see. Think its titled hows this setup

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@VelcroThumb got it. @mj1 it’s a small pot, and insufficient lighting. I will say she’s green and flowering. Nice job with what you have so far. If you’re satisfied, then you’re doing fine.


I think you’re correct. I agree that they do look pretty healthy, just won’t be high yielding under that amount of light.

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I repoted her in a bigger pit becaus she was root bound il send a nother foto now of th whole plant

The problem with that is now they will be stalled a little bit while roots acclimate to the new pot. You’re better off doing that in veg. And that won’t really solve the light issue

i have put other lights in

Its my first grow so im still lerning along the way i apresiate all the help gyse and will try do better with my next grow


You made it to flower first try out - that’s better than a lot of us have accomplished. :slight_smile: I think we are always growing with the next grow in mind.


@mj1 see how dark it is in n the bottom right? Your lights dont have great penetration

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so is ther any thing i can do about it or is it already to late to do somthing about the lighting see that it is already in the 4th week of flowering

@mj1 i think you can add lights anytime, but not sure how yield is affected if youve been flowering fir a bout half the time already. Ill tag @dbrn32 since he is the resident light guy lol

@mj1 dont forget to add the @ symbol in front of any users name. This will notify them they have been tagged. I just happened to be scrolling through topics and saw you replied. Tag me… @VelcroThumb

No problem ha!

I think that adding light now will be better than not adding it all, but not as good as having all along. Pretty easy conclusion to draw. More light just means higher rate of photosynthesis, assuming you have water and co2 levels to support. As long as you’re exchanging air and watering, both of those levels are plenty high enough I promise.

So increasing the photosynthetic activity at any point will help. At this point, you’re looking at increasing your bud development. If you had more light earlier, you probably could’ve had a bigger plant with more bud sites in the same amount of time. Or had same size plant in less time. Neither here nor there now, but for future reference.


Thx i will definitely see if i can get hold of some lights and then just one thing i forgot to mension befor is that plant is both male & female

I added light half way through flower my first grow and it makes a difference, they will still bulk up and finish strong. My first plants were sorry, not as good as his are and I still pulled almost 2 oz just from adding a better light near the finish


@mj1 did you say your plant was male and female? If so, thats not good. It will end up pollinating itself and you will end up with buds that are nothing but seeds

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