Did i wait to long?

Hi friends, on some of my plants i had to wait on my 12/12 till some of my babies were 8/9 wks old, will this affect the flowering stage, since starting my 12/12 the plants have doubled in size in 8 days, lots of growth, so did ? I screw up or am i ok ? , thanks for the help my friends, keep medicated :nerd_face::drooling_face::scream::smirk_cat:,

If you have the space for them it won’t affect flower at all. Longer veg, bigger plants.


As long as you have the space and lights big enough to handle larger plants you should be good… @BobbyDigital beat me to it :metal:

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Hi Bobbydigital, thanks for replying, i have a 10×8 shed, took a few wks to split shed in half and make a “dark half” thats what took time, one side veg. Lots of light 24. / 7 good space can keep a 3/4 plant veg./ flower rotation going year round, don’t have pics at this stage yet but will include on my next posting, i did not think waiting would hurt them, but last time i grew was in 76" and that weed and growing environment were completely different, now it’s legal, smoke on :rofl::nerd_face::space_invader:


I am also a first time grower and trying to determine when to harvest.
Lights changed to 12/12 on April 20

May 5

June 5

Close up

Would love to hear some expert opinions :blush:


Also are these autos or photos ?

Your both doing great to be honest, Bobby gave you some honest advice.
Malf your tent looks crammed lol but pretty, hope you have at least 2 circulating fans in there and if those are photos lollipop them, if their autos then no sweat.

Thanks Nicky, I have 3 fans in there…Things got out of control on me on this one :smile:
Two many plants for the space.
I have removed most of the lower leaves and the larger ones in the “canopy” to ensure air is circulating. Seems to have stopped producing leaves at this point so I have stopped most pruning and letting them do there thing.

photo - Northern Lights


I did the same thing my first grow, to many plants for the tent.
Read up on trimming, your gonna want to eventually thin them out so that the buds get more light and swell up. At the right time and not to much through the fan leafs provide protection from heat and growth for the plant

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