Should I Flush for 2 weeks with pain ro water?

My trics Has little amber showing I think hard to see, should I use plain ro water to flush or get some clearex??? Any Suggestions out their @Budz @oldmarine

Most just use straight ro or di water last two weeks.

Clearex is a chlorine derivative. So not sure how it would help with flushing. Just keeps hydro systems clean. Does nothing for plants.

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I don’t flush.


That’s one of the pros of top dressing with dry fertilizer. 1/4 C every other week watered in with pH’ed dechlorinated tap. When they start getting close like that just don’t top dress anymore and continue watering. It’s not really a flush but it kinda does the same thing.

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It’s controversial and no real difference whether or not you flush. Save your nutes and do water only the last 10-14 days. This is technically a flush.


@oldmarine is your End product harsh, white ash or black ash??

Not harsh. White ash…

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What are your ppms when you chop down do you know?? @oldmarine

I don’t check ppm unless I have a problem. I can’t check ppm on my outside grows.


True are you organic?? Outside @oldmarine , do you grow inside or only outside

Like @oldmarine I don’t flush either. Maybe I am naive but never flushed a vegetable, herb, or fruit plant before I harvest, but I am still learning.

I am in living soil indoors and outdoors. PPMs are off the chart when I measure the indoor plants.

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I only grow organic. inside and out…


I too have grown veg’s and other thing’s outside Always Organic use Horse poop Cow poop rain water and Now I have been growing my friends outside since July 7th and all three are in flowering mode and Isee by the weather temps I have maybe 5 more weeks… I did read everything I could and use fabric 5 gal pots with FFOSoil and the Bat poop they sell and I water them when my finger comes up dry I water.I did LST and I trimmed some and cut lower leaves out. and Ihave watched over night 2-4 inches growth.

I ran across this study released last year:

  • Rx Green Technologies evaluated the effects of different flushing times on chemical profile, flavor, and smoking characteristics in Cannabis flower.
  • Flushing periods of 14, 10, 7 and 0 days were imposed on Cherry Diesel.
  • No differences were detected between flush treatments for yield, potency, or terpenes.
  • Analysis of mineral content of leaves indicated small changes in content of iron and zinc.
  • Taste test panelists tended to prefer flower flushed for 0 days.

Is it OK to provide a link to the study?

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Yeah @MH47 have you tried not flushing ???

LOL nope. I just found the study so might try it. :joy:

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I recently saw a study where they had something like 100 testers. The plants were grown from clone and one flushed for 2 weeks the other not flushed. Each participant had to pick just one of the 2 samples for taste and smell. More participants choose the non flushed plant.
I’m not sure it really makes much difference either way but could be dependent on the nutes used i suppose.

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I tried one buds from my sunsets and dried it for a day or sum pretty Good ahaha :cactus::fire: just little tester might flush more might not @MH47

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