She was doing so well, for a while

Hi everyone!

I’m a first time grower and this is the longest a plant of mine has survived!! My plant was looking much healthier and robust yesterday, and even earlier today, but now not so much (I think). I think it could be stress from the light, so I raised the light a few inches, but other than that, I’m not sure what could be causing her leaves to canoe.

She’s in a 4x4x6 tent with a Mars hydro TS 1000. She is a month old (from when she sprouted), and she’s in FFHF with 20% perlite. I watered her two days ago with about 10% runoff coming out of the bottom. Any advice would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

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Looks healthy to me. I’ve found that my leave tips/edges will discolor and begin curling upward (like a canoe) when too close to light :+1:

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Okay, phew! Thank you!!!

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You bet, good luck on your grow :+1:

Looks ok, but depending on strain, may be small for one month in on auto flower.
Are you watering too often ?
Edit, usually the fifth week for me at least is when u get a fast burst of veg growth. It looks good to me, but one thing I have learned is over watering can lead to a vast array of issues… underwatering can cause a few issues that are easy to adjust and fix

I think I definitely stunted its growth a few times (newbie problems). I’ve had issues with watering, so I’ve been trying to keep her on a consistent wet/dry cycle. I have watered her every 3/4 days, depending on the weight of the fabric pot and the top inch of soil. I think I may be watering her too much when I do water her. Do you have any suggestions for how much I should be watering a plant at this stage of its life? Thank you!!!

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Jgrow, I’m a noob too. Been gardening in general for a decade but cannibus only for a few years.
Let me tell u a couple tricks I learned about root systems.
First, don’t water around stem/plant each time. Water a little around edges. You want the roots to go searching for moisture to grow plant larger. If you always water right around main stalk then roots can bundle up. I learned this from up rooting many plants over the years.
Another thing I do, when watering, I will water one side of plant only. Few days later after dry, I water the other side of pot. Then the third I water whole pot.
Depending on your pot size, temperature, and hunger of your plant will tell you how much water.
Your soil should never be muddy.
But my philosophy is under not over. That includes nutes and water and anything i apply to plant. It’s easy to add water, hard to remove. Easy to add a bit of nute feed, harder to remove. I always feed plants with a tenth to a quarter of recommended dose. Easy to add nutes, but tough once u realised your plant is burning.
So water more often but with much less water and watch and see how your plants are doing and adjust.


Wow, thank you so much for all of this information, I really appreciate it!!! I’ll definitely start using the watering system you suggested. :slight_smile:

Looks like she is flowering? Pistils?

If flowering, her nutritional needs will change.

What are you feeding?

Plant looks good.

As @Hareesa stated,

Learn your plant and you will continue to provide the environment it needs to flourish.

Continued success.

I’ve been very light on the nutes with her, and I’ve only fed her once. I think I might have introduced nutes to her too late (if that’s possible) because after a tiny dose, she started showing signs of nutrient burn, so I flushed her, but she had a growth spurt after that!
Do you think I could try feeding her again? or do you think I should play it safe and just let her grow and get my other plants on a more sustainable nutrients routine?
I gave her I think 1/8th of the recommended amount of voodoo juice, and she didn’t do well with it.
thank you so much!!

FFHF will keep them happy for a while. She definitely isn’t showing any deficiencies. Super dark old growth with bright new growth means she’s getting plenty of nutrients and growing quickly.

Some autos just don’t get real big… Flowering around 4 weeks is pretty typical. She looks healthy to me. Maybe a little extra bushy from the light being slightly low, but she’ll stretch some.

I’m a beginner also. It’s not your light but your light needs to be pulled back. You said when you watered, then it’s your water. Water/nutrients/ph/ppm lock out I figure. (Check pH/ppm tester)

DO NOT TEST PH AND PPM AT THE SAME TIME. That’s how I broke my ph meter and I had wrong readings for about a week.

Lift the pot, Let it dry out before adding more. Don’t forget to update your solution :smiley::+1:

Welcome to the forum. A wealth of information here to help you. But you and @Mark0427 might want to know. I AM THE GREATEST UN HUMAN BEING ON THIS FORUM. Peace out.

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You don’t want it to dry out completely. Not good for your roots or microbes.


Thats all wrong there auto. I see a unwanted un word