Setting plastic pots in water?

Can i have my pots setting in water? Like can i fill the bottom betty crocker container up with water and set the pot in it without having an issue?

I am looking into self watering buckets like the grobuckets, but as an alternative for now till these girls get bigger, can i just fill the water up past the drain holes on the bottom of the pots, or will this cause problems i dont want?

Thank you!

You will have problems unless you are giving the plant’s soil wet/dry cycles. It is necessary for good root health. Cannabis sitting in chronically wet soil will cause problems. Mature plants in wet soil will underperform. Young plants in wet soil may not survive. Cannabis tolerates dry soil far better than wet soil.

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You need wicks. A wick will bring the water from the container up into the pot. This allows the soil to not sit in water all the time, but benefit from water being available.

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They already look over watered :metal:t2::green_heart:


I have been looking into those grobuckets like we had talked about in the other post.

I like the AC Infinity water bases.

I too alot of time invested in kids, home stuff and work related things, so the idea of not having to water all the time seems appealing.

I just have these pots setting in the betty crocker containers becuase the new soil i put them in drains really fast, and i have got used to how much to water yet.

Im a beginner lol.

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They may have been. The soil they were in retained alot of water, and the pot was heavy. I think i may have been sufficating them with to packed of soil, and not the right soil. I switched to this new soil, i hope it fixes whats wrong, but im a learn as i go person, and i feel like im learning alot of what not to do😅

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These sat in pretty compacted soil for a while, that was not the right soil to begin with. I hope switching to this new soil will fix whats wrong. That soil they were in before was holding alot of water.

I have a question that might help the others gain some more insight into what might be going on. When you say you switched soil do you mean that you transplanted into bigger pots with the new soil or did you separate the roots from the old soil to make the switch? Just curious if you might be having some transplant shock?

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I just started my 10th grow and still consider myself a beginner so I don’t generally give advice but I have always started in a seedling tray or solo cup and transplanted into the “forever pot “ when they were ready without issues until my last grow when I thought it would be a good idea to put an inch and a half of perlite at the bottom of the solos. Two of my plants got severely stunted because the bottom half fell off during transplanting and ripped off about a third of the roots. Different scenario but it was my first experience with extreme transplant shock and since mine were autos, they pretty much started flowing immediately and only got to about 8 and 10 inches tall. Didn’t even bother weighing it. Maybe half ounce from each at best. Hopefully you don’t have any problems like that. You do have some great people helping you so good luck. Hope you end up with some tasty fat buds. Edit: that guitar is making me drool. Are you a luthier?


Indeed, i am a Luthier! I just build electrics atm, but may venture down the road of acoustic sometime!

I did just transplant, and i lost some root mass when i broke the root ball up, but i got the majority of the roots cleaned of the old soil. I hope i didnt shock them to much, but about a week prior to this, i had just topped them a second time.

They probably a super shocked…i hope not. But if they are, so be it, i will move on to the next grow​:metal::metal:


I veg’d these for 6 weeks in 1 gallon plastic pots with 1” of hydroton in the bottom and sittting in a 2” tray of water/nutrients. Like the other members mentioned they need to go through a wet and dry cycle. I filled the trays with approximately 1” of water every 3rd day. Smaller pots will dry faster. Hydroton and a good airy soil with perlite or coco is ideal :love_you_gesture:


I use to grow Northern Lights using the sea of green method using 1 gallon pots for my clones and putting like 20 in a large tray. I then bottom fed them. All by hand, worked like a charm.

I would fill the tray an inch or so in the morning, by dark it was always empty.


On the SOG method, how many time did you top before stopping topping? (Not trying to rap at you🤣)

As stated i grew clones using the sea of green method. As soon as they set root in the tray they went on 12/12, i topped nothing.


That’s fine as a method to bottom feed, but once they soak up the desired amount of water, they should be removed so they can properly dry out or close to it as possible. Soil grown weed needs to dry out some between waterings to promote healthy roots. I like to weigh my pots before their first watering so I’ll know what they weigh dry. I find this more useful than the finger in the dirt method, especially for bottom feeding. Hope this was useful. Happy growing!


Mine dried out every day by lights off. One simply has to water correctly. Plants have been grown using this method as far back as recorded history. Great way to grow a bunch of clones.

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