Anyone use air stones in your autopots?

For my next grow I’m going to use the Autopot system or at least something more automated than watering by hand. Was wondering if anyone uses air stones in the bottom and if so what was your experience. Thanks!

Air stones oxygenate the water and csn cause pH drift. A wavemaker would probably be better, it just moves the water.

Wavemaker in the reservoir to keep it sweet.

I’ve got four airdomes I used when I first started playing with autopots. They are beneficial if you use the plastic pots but I’ve been growing in fabric pots with the system and they appear to do a better job. My last two did 12 and 14 oz. respectively in 3 gallon fabric pots with coco and 2" layer of hydroton on the bottom. Jack’s 3-2-1 with MKP at the flip. 200 watts of gucci LED per plant.

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Sorry, I should have been more clear. I was talking about a small air stone under the dome not in the reservoir. But since the first two comments mentioned a wave maker I’m definitely going to add that to the list of things to get.

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Do you grow auto flowers? I’m just wondering why you finish them out in 3 gallon. When you don’t have to worry about them getting the right amount of water are you able to grow in smaller pots?

3 gallon is plenty for growing cannabis.

I don’t do autos.

That was a 12 oz. plant in autopots, 3 gallon with Jack’s. You can see some of the branches collapsed from the weight. I think I got a 42 gram cola off of this one (dry).


Wow man! That thing is so pretty I want to hang ornaments from it and put an angel on top!

Do you top feed your nutrients or just put them in the reservoir?

I top feed until the plant has established itself then run from the rez.