Serious leaf droop

Ak47 auto I drooping. Bubba kush on back. Both started same day. Spider farmer es 3000 at 220 watts 20 inches from top. 2x2. 3.5 gal pot. Foxfarm ocean forest soil. Water with distilled. No fertilizer yet. Day 28. Water ph is 6.2. The drooping plant has had lst applied. I have been watering through every 3 days. 64oz. Little shows in saucer. Started a week ago.

How often on the air? Move the beans a little further to avoid wind burn. Air ,24/7. Turn it up. To much and not enough water have same symptoms. Make sure moist at 1/2 to 3/4 from top soil.

What is in saucer is run off check pH
Little trimming and the rest just happens lts a seed that grows to a flower in your mind.

Air circulation is on all the time. Temp is 73 to 77. Humidity is 50 to 65.

Haven’t tested runoff ph. Never had enough to test.

White fan doesn’t really move much air

How often are you watering. It could be a sign of over-watering. (Or under-watering)

But be sure to let the soil dry-cycle, then water to run-off, and repeat.


Are they staying droopy most of the time or is this the first time you’ve noticed. BTW Welcome to ILGM forum :+1:

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Oh, and Welcome!

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Every 2 to 3 days. 64oz and it leaves a little in the saucer.

They stay droopy. For about 7 ro 10 days. After last serious lst.

Are they dry and the pots light when you water?


I’m with @Newt You said you water every 3 days, do you water regardless of how wet soil may be still. If so you need to start lifting your pots, you will be able to tell by the weight of them. If they still have some water weight, hold up for a day or two.


Thats what i think to newt i believe its either over watering or under watering

I never lifted the pot. I just sift through the top soil and it seems like there is moisture under the surface. I’m thinking maybe it’s overwatering.

1 day later.

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Haven’t watered or used fertilizer. Pot still feels heavier than dry dirt.

That plastic pot will not breathe like fabric. Can hold water a while. Fabric are easier to manage in my mind. Can lift…touch bottom or sides…etc to check moisture. Also different strains water differently. My gg is a lush…some of the auto not so much. I would dry her out. Just me. When she weighs light start back watering and watch how she responds.

I’m going to start big bloom fertilizer at the next watering. Thanks. I’ve added diatomaceous earth to counter the gnats.