Seeds didn’t germ

So quick question I’ve had 3 seeds not germ who do I get up with at ilgm to do something about them

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What were you methods of trying to germinate them if I might ask? I’ve had the same issue with my GSCE (girl scout cookies extreme) and found out it was just my own neglect as to why they weren’t germinating as I was drowning them. I can’t remember the process but I had 3 seeds not pop and they sent me a new 5 pack


There’s a customer service email address on your receipt, or if you click on one of the ads on this page it will take you to the sales website and there’s contact information there as well. This is the forum that is not really part of the sales site more just sponsored by them


Thank you looking at my receipt now

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This is my question as well. Could we talk about ur method so other seeds wont go to waste?



Thanks for the replies I’ve gotten in contact now and I germ those same way I have for years water paper towel and ziploc first time I’ve had a issue with ilgm beans


No prob man. Was just checking. Best of luck and happy growing


Look into ful-power by bioag, it’s concentrated hydrophobic fulvic acid. This stuff works wonders with old seeds, I have seen seeds not germinate and then tried again with fulvic acid (after 2+days soaking with no results) and then sprout the next day after exposed to the fulvic acid. Also used for old seeds that have trouble germinating, increase nutrient uptake and efficiency, and a great foliar spray. Since I started adding it to my germination process I have yet to have a seed not sprout.(let’s just say quite a few).
There’s several forms of germination helping expensive nutrients that use this stuff, just get the pure stuff and follow the dilution steps (typically 30mil/g)

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Next time try this. Seems to work well for me and others. Take the seeds and soak them in 3% peroxide for 10 to 20 mins then dump the peroxide and fill with ro or distilled water. The peroxide will help soften the shell alot and also help sterilize any bads on the seed if there is any. Do not leave the seeds in the peroxide more than 30 mins as it will turn seeds to mush leaving them in it. I also use a heating pad. I take my seeds after a soak and dump them on paper towel on a thin plate and put the plate on a heating pad on high. Heat helps alot on getting babies rolling good. After I dump seed on paper towel I fold over the paper towel to cover seeds u want paper towel wet not setting in a puddle. Cover it with plastic to hold in heat and moisture and wait 1 to 2 days or til I see the shoot sticking out then plant that baby up. Heat is alot of help with seeds

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