Doe's ILGM have a guarantee on their seeds

Bought 10 super skunk seeds ( fem ) in January. First plant ( 4 seeds ) All germinated nicely but two came up a little then died. Germinated 3 more in mar. One never broke surface. One more on April 29 and it hasn’t broke surface. All germinated and planted exactly the same. One wouldn’t bother me but four? Seen exactly same thing on videos and pics. Looked just like mine. If anyone knows. Can’t find anything on site.

just a tidbit. I install / service hotel communication systems. All of them have eliminated room 420.

Thanks, JF

You can find answers about the guarantees here:

It sounds like you might be doing something wrong, but what – it is hard to say. The lack of success probably has nothing to do with the seeds. The fact that some did break the surface shows they were viable and alive when you planted them.

Starting seeds can be one of the hardest and most difficult thing for new growers as the viable seed and a freshly sprouted seed can both be very delicate once exposed to moisture and the germination process begins.

Just like with cannabis roots, too moist of a soil can drown them. It is always a balance between enough oxygen in the roots environment and not getting too wet that it reduces the amount of oxygen but also not too dry that the roots dry out.

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I got 10 SSH seeds ( 5+5 special). Glad I did because as a first time grower only had 1 out of 5 germinate and ended up killing it with too close of light (connection slipped while gone).

Second try got 4 out of 5. For me there was a big learning curve involved. As a first time grower I feel so far so good.

I learned a lot from my first try and certain if this grow goes well will learn so much more for my future grows.

Good luck for your crop.

Thanks, i’ll see. Right, but like I said. All were germinated and planted exactly the same. Built grow room and can pretty much control environment. even have incubate room.

No biggy, Have two 2.5’ or so and 3 weeks into flowering.



Not taking sides …but if you got your seeds from this site ILGM or AMS odd’s are their good and viable , based on reviews and my personnel experience .so far the only one i lost was due to me soaking my paper towels then not letting them drain correctly …tilt ur plate at 45 -60 degrees angle hold ther till they stop dripping … then place seeds in between layers , then cover with saran wrap .place at 75- 80 max in 3- 5days you should be in luck …Just a thought try different mediums to see what mite work for you better… Jiffy pots ,roto plugs , potting mix plain no moister control or auto feeding. rock wool . Hope this helps , and i feel for your losses , but keep at it and youll soon get the results you want . later Hammer:grin:

I ordered 10 get 10 on california dream and bananna cush auto you said you would send10 of each to Steprock1

9 of california didnt 11 bannana didnt