Seedlings Shriveling Up

I have recently planted a couple seedlings, which were doing fine until all of the sudden they started to shrivel up. And I can’t figure out why. I don’t think they are under or over watered, it’s way to early for it to be an issue of nutrients. I thought potentially a humidity issue so I have placed them under humidity domes. Any thoughts?

Yes that is to much water. They don’t need much and
your soil looks soaked to the brim.

Two…never water at the base of the main stalk. Can cause Stem rot. Make them seek out water which will help give it stability as it bulks up.

This size…maybe 15 ml a day. Your plant.

This is the plant’s forever home. I may have given in a tad over 5 ml. All on the one edge. :+1:

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Yep, to wet.

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Humidity is vital for babies up to 2 weeks. Rhyme tyme…I never start a seed or clone without a dome!!
75-80º F and 80% humidity.

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