Why are my seedlings curling/crisping? help please

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me troubleshoot. I’m a first time grower growing in a germination tray with a 7 inch humidity dome and a 48w T5 light directly on top of the humidity dome. I planted my seeds in root riot starter plugs and added clonex solution for nutes. My seedlings have been in the humidity dome for 1 week and 2 days now (planted on March 8th). The temperature in the dome is about 70-75F and the relative humidity is always around 85-90. For some reason some of the seedlings have started to crisp up; the true leaves look completely been burnt/dried up. I’m afraid I may have kept them too long in the humidity dome but the odd thing is some of my other seedlings look perfectly ok. I got scared so I took the humidity dome off lol. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I’ve only watered them twice since planting them since I didnt want to overwater. Here are pictures of them:

image2 image4 image11 image12 image13

Perhaps the leaves got wet from too much humidity and the light started burning the leaves. Definitely a good idea to open up the dome or remove. Just keep an eye on them losing the humidity. Did you put a lot of clonex? It could be burning them as well. I don’t usually feed for about 2 weeks unless the cotyledons start turning Yellow. I’ve had seedlings get hungry after just 5 days…but maybe it all depends on strain and environment.

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I only put 3ml in a 16oz water bottle. pretty much used the entire bottle on the 72 cell tray. I think you might be right about the light burning the leaves because of too much humidity. Before I took the dome off there were water droplets on pretty much all of the seedlings and their leaves. Do you think my seedlings look healthy? I think they might be too stretchy but I dont know enough… also I lowered the lights to 5 inches from the canopy. Hopefully that helps

What ph does the water has? You mist them with clonex water? How often?

I just used one of those 16oz bottled water that you can buy from anywhere. I then added 3ml clonex into the water bottle. I didn’t test for PH or PPM but usually bottled water should be less than 10ppm if I’m not mistaken. I also didn’t mist or spray at all, I just poured directly over all the root riot starter plugs and left the humidity dome on for a week. the second time I watered them (after the first week)I was careful not to water directly on the seedlings and made sure to water the root riots only. So in total I only watered twice since planting them

They praying , looking for light and thirty, they look dry to my opinion, how hot does it get in there ?

It’s usually always 70-75F. sometimes at night it drops to 68F but never below that. After removing the dome it’s been about 40-50 RH

Just not sure that was my input ,I really dont start seeds that way

Ok i think we can rule out ph and overwatering…
stretching is mostly light related. Maybe tweeking things in this sector might solve the issues.

Any how i would up pot them and burie the stem all the way leaving e
everything from the Cotyledon upwards at light

Two issues: 1…lack of water and air 2…light is NOT up to the job.

1–I will mist n water twice a day until roots are showing. Humidity dome needs to be removed for a few minutes daily, allowing fresh air.
2—ur babies should not be that tall…weak light makes them stretch like that. as other suggested…bury excess stem in growing media.

It might just be me, but once the seedling comes up I think it’s time to repot. You would be surprised at how much better they would grow and develop.