Seedlings and Domes

Started my seedlings under clear plastic domes. They’re doing well, but I can’t find anything on how long to keep the domes on them. (Some are White Widow, some OG Kush, some Jack Herer, ATF, and Blueberry Kush.)


I keep mine under plastic just till they pop up and spread the first two leaves, then I plant them into peat pot to establish root system, still keeping the humidity at 55-60%…
But I grow in greenhouse so it may be different…
Happy growing !

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Thanks, particularly to Ragnar. The seedlings are presently in potting soil in large plastic beer cups…

Hiya @Milehigh, just checking…is it potting soil or seedling soil you are using?

it’s recommended using the seedling one, it has fewer to no nutrients, the babies don’t need anything from you in the way of nutrients till they are more established, about the fourth set of real leaves.

Thanks, kabongster. I was looking for info on how long to keep a dome on the seedlings.

seedlings like 70%-80% humidity, kinda means a dome if the area they are in is dry talking Relative Humidity.

the babies appreciate air movement the domes don’t allow so if one is needed to raise the RH, try to get them in a better environment and out of the dome as soon as they allow, days not weeks.
some folks here don’t use domes at all, but they may have a tent with a controlled humidity.

Thanks, kabongster. That was very helpful. Domes removed! Misting more often now…

Do not mist seedlings. Just keep the soil moist (but not soggy). Misting is for clones - which have no roots. Your seedlings roots will provide adequate moisture. Misting seedlings will simply lead to rot and mildew problems.

As your plant grows you’ll also want to keep moisture away from the stem and leaves. Trim away your lowest branches and make sure none of your leaves come in contact with the soil. When watering, slowly water around the steam keeping it and your plant completely dry at all times. You want to encourage your roots to grow so make them stretch out looking for the water. Two of your biggest enemy’s are powdered mildew and bud rot, so keep your plant dry!


Thanks, Man-- wasn’t aware of that difference between clones and
seedlings… My first crop was done from clones, and misting was urged for

Dem domes be gone!

Misting is done on clones that you start, normally not on clones that you purchase (at a dispensary). When you start a clone it has no roots, so all water is provided through misting and taken up by the leaves. (That’s why most growers will trim the leaves in half and only leave one or two, as the more green, the more the plant struggles to get moisture.) But if you buy a clone it should have a nice root system, and normally ready to go into the ground or pot and you wouldn’t want to be misting it either. Of course if you got a clone from a buddy, it might not have developed it’s root system yet, and I would go with the recommendation from the grower.

Thanks again! Very useful information which I did not know. If anything
else come to mind that you think I’d find useful, let me know. All I have
are a couple of books, and they seem to have lots of holes in them. Maybe
the writers were stoned…

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