Seedling turning yellow

Same age , about 13 days. Any ideas about one on the right (yellowing) . My understanding is at this age they don’t need fertiliser much. PH 6.5 in cococoir and perlite. Light has been at PAR 220, today I upped it to PAR 240. Misting once a day and watering around stem about 2 tablespoons every day or two. Light at 18”

I don’t see anything to worry about.

Begin feeding when the cotyledon (little round first set) leaves yellow and fall off.


It’ll probably snap out of it as long as you let it dry out good between watering, and don’t spray the leaves.


Does that mean about a 3" circle around the stem, or at the stem … If close or at the stem, then water in a wide circle to avoid damping off and also to encourage root growth. As mentioned, also ensure that the medium dries between waterings.

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How far is your lights from the Plant? You may be getting alittle hot, you don’t need to spray the plants really, just water around them or dome them. I use a clear plastic cup, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup and just spary the dome until they fill out. Then remove the cup and water around the plant without getting any on the plant itself.

18 inches, PAR 200 up until 2 days ago when I raised it to 240

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