Seedling light need one

Looking for a light. For germ need

It to get plants to at least 6inch before I transplant to outside looking at briignite45 on Amazon must cover a
Descent area but cheap and on amazon

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for seedlings you really only need a cheap CLF/standard bulb.

something like this plus a standard bulb would get you to 6"

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Viparspectra p600 will do the trick and it wont cost u a arm or a leg to buy it there around $80 or less

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I use a T5 fluorescent light or a Wills 100 dimmable LED. The Wills works great and can be used through the veg stage. Amazon was running these for about $50 bucks :love_you_gesture:

I just been using the 30pw dimmable vipars I have here from when I started growing and knew nothing about it. I have multiple lights not being used lol. I do have the vipar 600w also with veg and bloom switches. Any kind of cheaper blurples light will work to veg or start seedlings. Try and make sure u get a veg light or a light that has more of the blue look to them.


Need a link to that wills

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I went and check on this light and unfortunately it’s unavailable at this time

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Lots out there. Under 80 with sales on Amazon. Just look for a 100w from wall. Samsung diodes…301b fine. Red/ir/uv not needed to germ and sprout. That being said…having the other bandwidths come in handy if want to isolate 1 indoor plant. Enfun has great boards. Small HLG. Vipar or kingbrite. Bestva will veg and sprout like a boss also.

Cultiuana CT-100 100 watt would make a great light for seedlings.

Where exactly do you start counting nodes

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I count #1 where this pic shows #2 :love_you_gesture: