Seedling light suggestion

ILGM recommends a 36W CFL tube for seedlings. I only have my big CMH light and thought maybe I could just use it, with maybe just one bulb, and hang it well above my seedlings. Is that possible? If not, does anyone have a specific light they recommend for seedlings. I looked for what ILGM recommends on AMAzon and couldn’t find a winner.

You can use your light like you suggested. At some point you will want to flower with your light and need something to start your next grow. Seedlings don’t require much in the way of fancy lights. The CF light was recommended because it’s one of the easiest and least expensive choice for someone starting out.

Better lights will carry you further through the growth stage.


Watch the stretch of the seedling if keeping your light way above the growth.

Plenty of seedling starting lights on Amazon.