Seedling help. One seems to be dying

So I started two AK47 autos a little over a week ago. They sprouted on the same day. One is a bit smaller but that’s not what’s bothering me.

They live in the same tent, same soil, same watering schedule etc. the smaller one has developed brown edges on the first set of leaves and the tips are curling under. The other plant is super healthy.

Anyone have any ideas?

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What kind of soil/media are you using and how much are you feeding/watering?


Happy frog. Watering when the soil is dry.

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the soil in that second photo looks really wet. As a new grower myself I would be using a syringe and giving milliliters of water in a small ring around the plant a couple inches from the stem. to much water drowns the roots and can cause issues at the stem especially in a pot so big with a small plant where the root structure is tiny in a large amount of soil. now If you were in a different kind of medium you might want more water.

In my 5 gallon pots i waster till runoff. I know my fabric pots and soil will only hold so much water and the rest will runoff. But you aren’t there yet. So less is more. at least that is what I have been taught here.
I am sure some of the more experienced growers will chime in soon to give expert advice

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Like @Jackie_Daytona my first thought is over watering. I only have 3 AK47 photos in the tent because I over watered 2 of them when they were about the size of yours. Let them dry and you should be OK

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I appreciate the feedback but I just spritzed the top layer of soil around the plant. It might have amounted to 2 tablespoons if that.

This started showing 2 days ago. The soil has been kept fairly dry.

Looks good to me, my media looks wet also when I do seedlings because the increased humidity.