Seedling has tan colored leaf tips - Can I save it?

This is my first grow so I planted 2 seeds as a trial. They were planted in the large Jiffy peat pellets in the tray under the dome with a seed start heating pad underneath. They sprouted in 3 days and were put under fluorescent lights. I removed the plastic dome and heat tray. After one week, one of them started to bend over and died. At 2 weeks the second seedling has brown leaf tips. Is there anything I can do to save the seedling or should I start over?

How close is the florescent bulbs to the plant?


The light is about 3" from the leaves.

Back the light off a bit. How many watts is the light? Looks like leaf burn. Try to cover it with some sort of dome like a 2 liter pop bottle cut in half but put holes in the top. They are very delicate at this stage.

Definitely move the light back. That’s your issue


Thank you!

Thanks for the advice. I just moved the seedling 12" from the light under a plastic juice bottle dome.

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You may need to increase distance more. Depends on light quality. Seedlings get their water intake through the leaves, as the tap root is trying to establish roots. Mist the inside of your dome, and then place over seedling. Then I usually spray around the dome to create a moisture ring around the plant. This encourages root growth. And, WELCOME to forum!

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Thank you for the advice and welcome to the group.