Seedlings arnt growing

Hi ! I’m hoping for some help my seedlings seem stuck in time they are not growing any more, soil is moist humidity is 37 and temp is about 81 degrees F. Blue dream is the strain, dual led 1200watt each lamp. Grow tent , centralized, humidifier. That’s the set up. What now. Leaves tips look yellow to brown. Drooping.

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Can you post a picture ?
How old are they ?
After seeds germinate and pop the soil the will stall for lack of better words as they develope a root system

This can take a week or two depending on size of the pot they are in @The_farmer before you see vertical growth again

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I had them in peat pellets then when I saw the roots transferred them to a soil medium and they stopped vertical growth, I had over watering issues in the past, am I now under watering? Why do the leafs seem burnt at the tips? I didnt add any thing to the water.

What type of soil you using ?
Are you checking ph of your water ?

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Really need photos mate :+1:

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Photos please. And I had the same issue but yours sounds like it may be light burn …but then again no way to tell without a pic.

Maybe you are trying too hard…
Nature want to live.
My noob advice would be to put them on the window sill tomorow morning and let them be free for a day. Let them enjoy sunshine and house dryer air.

I’m trying to send a picture but I’m not that savvy. They look 8 days old and are curling downwards with yellow tips. I raised the lights, and added extra water. I didnt water today the soil was still moist.
It’s been 12 days since they sprouted.

Could you describe the composition of your soil?
I think @Countryboyjvd1971 is on the right path with his questions. Feel like your soil is too hot of nutes…

Heres my soil medium, I added neuts to the soil and have seen a small improvement and I trimmed off the beginning leaves, this seems to have helped.

The bag says it feeds up to 9 months
What are you ppm of your run off after you added nutes ?

I would almost guarantee you have nute burn at this point. The soil already has food in it and adding more is not needed. The drooping leaves are probably overwatering. With time release soil they get a huge burst of food with every watering. The other problem I have seen with these types of soil is their heavy addition of clay which holds water and makes a hard root ball.

It may be prudent to repot in a more neutral soil like fox Farms happy frog till they recover.


Thanks for your input, the blue dream strain responded positively to the added nutes, but I think your soil medium is the way to go I’m down to 3 plants from 5 I lost 2 due to my inexperience but I have to learn some how

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I learnt this the same way you are. The good news is two fold. Repotting and avoiding feeding till they look good again is a fix and you will have a great next Grow.

I used Miracle Grow on my first crop and they did I exactly the same thing. In addition, MG adds so many metals the buds caused a fire in my microwave when I dried a small one on a paper towel and it went off like a sparkler in less than 10 seconds.

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I am repotting now, my medium had nutes in it and caused nute burn, 3 plants are still alive down from 5. I’ll see how they do.

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