Seedling curling

This guy here is about 2 weeks old… growing slowly in my opinion.
Germinated in paper towels and planted into Black Gold Seedling Mix.
I water it once every few days with a spray bottle and tap water (7.4pH. I know.)
I don’t think it’s overwatered. I spray it until water pools up on the top, it then seeps in and I walk away. Underwatered maybe?
Also, light is full spectrum T150. Hung 1-1/2’ above. Help please.
When do I transfer him to his home?

Bubba Kush Auto Fem


What are you transplanting into? What medium are you using? Also, water your soil, dont spray the leaves. You run the risk of burning the leaves with lights on. ( water droplets act as magnifying glass)


@ChittyChittyBangin @Ozzie
Seems too wet in more then one way. Ccb is 100% correct and do you water all the medium or just around the plant & how often and how much water in that large pot for a seedling?

Any idea on temps and humidity? Look like to low of humidity? Is that MG soil?

Wrinkling leaves makes me think humidity is low, drooping leaves makes me think PH is off or overwatered.

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The ph is a little on the high side for sure.

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@Autos-only @ChittyChittyBangin @Ozzie

Peat moss is not best. It is attractive to gnats and rots roots, if over watered and i saw where it has dolomite lime in it, which will only make ph more alkaline and i believe thats headed the wrong way from what you want. Any # of lockouts bc of ph.

All of your comments are so helpful.

-Black Gold Seedling Mix.
-Day Temps 72-78
-Night Temps 65-68
-Humidity hangs out around 45-50
-I spray around the edges of the pot for probably 5 passes all the way around.
-I water once every 2-3 days. The soil gets dry all the down past my first knuckle. Thats when I water. I have never watered it while damp.
-i typically water the soil only, the water on leaves is overspray. I got lazy before this picture and the leaves got soaked.

Are these just all day-1 mistakes? Clean it up all around? I understand the ideal conditions for indoor grow, but I didn’t think the environment was that bad as is.

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Bro your doing ok. Just get that ph down. Maybe switch the potting mix if you can if not, flush with 6.5 ph or so then start watering around 6 ph and see what happens. Keep your chin up, your past some large hurdles. :wink:

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So you have not water the soil at all? Just misted so far?

I would give her a half cup of water in the center and get something to cover her with to increase humidity.

Glass bowl, clear plastic pot, something.

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What time of day do they droop or are they that way all the time.
I grow outdoors and mine droop like that after a hot day just before dark.
They look fine next morning.